That's how you measure your body fat content using the Caliper method

Before the summer, almost everyone should lose a few pounds. The problem: with last-minute regimes, the shot is often turned around – keyword: yo-yo effect. Plus, no one wants to be hungry anyway. Why There is now a much more effective way to lose weight permanently! Namely via the measurement of body fat with a vernier caliper – the term used for Fettzange. It derives from calipometry, in German Hautfaltenmessung. Do not worry, it does not hurt, and it is not complicated.

Losing weight: what does the percentage of body fat say about metabolism

Fat deposits on everyone else. We know it: with some snacks and Co. on the hips, with others it is rather the Po that stores the fat. It's annoying! Nobody has yet had the idea to take advantage of the bacon bun. But that changes now because: where and how the body stores fat, explains how it can use, for example, carbohydrates. The set is measured by the folds of the skin. An example: a pronounced fold of shoulder blades indicates a low tolerance to carbohydrates. In this case, proteins in the form of fish, meat and healthy fats significantly improve the body and metabolism. On the other hand, people with a less pronounced scapula can even lose weight with a high carbohydrate diet. Or the crease of the hip, which provides information on the level of sugar in the blood. If the tails fall, the percentage of fat is usually the fastest here. Incidentally, in women aged 20 to 39 years, the percentage of body fat should ideally be between 21 and 33%.

The percentage of body fat measured with Caliper: that's how it works

A caliper is a little reminiscent of the circle of the math lesson. It measures the thickness of the respective fold of the skin. To do this, start by pressing the skin fold with your fingers, then position and measure the forceps directly next to your fingers. Tip: To be very precise, it is best to measure again after half a minute. Values ​​should not differ by more than one millimeter. Then, note the thickness displayed on each scale on each fold. Depending on the measurement method is measured at different places.

Measurement of body fat according to Parillo: the nine most important measuring points

  1. Triceps: This is the vertical skin fold located at the back of the arm, about a centimeter above the middle, between the shoulder and the elbow.
  2. Thigh: Vertical fold at the front, midway between the knee and the hip bone.
  3. Hip: A diagonal fold at the hip or slightly above.
  4. Scapula: Simply squeeze the skin on the scapula and measure it.
  5. Calf: Diagonal skin fold midway between heel and knee.
  6. Lower back: diagonal fold just above the buttocks.
  7. Biceps: wrinkles inside the armpit, just above the elbow.
  8. Chest: Diagonal fold halfway between the armpit and the nipple.
  9. Abdomen: It is best to measure about two centimeters to the side and 1.5 cm below the navel.

Compass method: how to calculate the percentage of body fat according to Parillo

If all the points are accurately measured, you can start calculating. Do not worry, everything is calculated using this formula:

Body fat rate = 27 x total / (weight / 0.454)