Sunscreen for the face: these properties are necessary

With all the joy of summer, do not forget one thing: proper sunscreen is the most important element for the skin and, in the summer, is essential. This is not only about health reasons (keyword: white skin cancer!), But also many visual disadvantages. The sun causes pigmentation disorders and wrinkles – things that nobody wants to talk about unnecessarily. What helps? The good extra sun care for the face – which does not grease, does not cause pimples and can even be used as a base.

Sunscreen – the same, but different?

Of course, sunscreen differs in properties that can be targeted to the skin. Unlike body protection products, face creams must be adapted to the condition of the skin. Here, it is not enough to develop the sun protection factor. Instead, you should choose the usual day cream care: match the structure of the skin – and possibly enriched with anti-aging effects. Oily skin is therefore based on compositions without oil, their slightly irritable complexion requires a mild moisturizer with calming effect. The sunscreen for the face must be well thought out in the summer, because only then will we escape the impurities, the veils or the white remains.

The sunscreen for the face must be different from normal sunscreen

Although the skin of the body is much less sensitive and above all a high sun protection factor for the beach holidays and the needs of society, sunscreen for the face must meet different wishes. For a comfortable fit, it needs a light formula that does not grease and leaves no residue (do not forget a layer of white lime on the skin). Especially in summer, the face is often underestimated and insufficiently protected from the sun, the skin is particularly sensitive. Thanks to the layers of makeup and the usual care, the skin of the face is often renewed and is therefore generally clearer than the rest of the body. That's how the sun can affect it even more! For this reason, in summer, no day care enriched with SPF15 more, but it is necessary, depending on the type of skin, a sun protection factor of 30 to 50 to protect the skin from permanent damage.

At this point you can, if you have found the right sunscreen for you, exchange the daycare and leave it as before or apply it as usual.

Tinted sunscreen: the alternative to foundation

If you want to record a morning walk in the bathroom, simply switch to a tinted sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Thanks to them, the Foundation can be replaced – and is generally much easier in the summer than three layers of makeup. Important here: choose the right color! It is best to buy two shades early in the summer, which you can then mix and match according to your complexion.