Styrian communities want to free themselves from pesticides

The state of Styria and municipalities on Thursday launched an initiative to protect the environment. In the future, municipalities should refrain from using pesticides in the management of green spaces by communities.

Away from the glyphosate, back to nature, the slogan of the management of green spaces by municipalities should be in the future. The experts of the first municipal day of Styria in the Kaindorf ecoregion, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld district, explained how this could and should work in practice. It is the right structure of humus, how to enhance biodiversity in community grasslands or the proper management of weeds.

Symposium in Kaindorf

Representatives of 55 Styrian municipalities participated in this first symposium in Ebersdorf in the Kaindorf ecoregion. With experts, it was discussed how green spaces in the community can be preserved and managed in a greener way, said Thomas Karner, General Manager of the Kaindorf Ecological Region. "We all know that many species of plants and animals are endangered.Communities can make a very significant contribution to the creation of habitats for plants and animals."

Brush and heat against weeds

In particular, it's all about doing without pesticides, such as glyphosate, and using other methods, such as weed control, said Andreas Steinert of the "Garden Greens Service": "We recommend a combination of methods.On one side, there is mechanical combat.We work with grass brushes or with nylon ropes.The other method is a thermal method, we have it against heat with weeds. "

Rethinking asked

Of course, one thing is clear: this more environmentally friendly management of community green spaces initially takes much longer. However, rethinking and communities must precede as a model of society called Johann Seitinger (ÖVP), environmental advisor: But in some areas, it must be important to give nature a priority and a future. "

Financial support to open communities

The province of Styria has set a specific time horizon for the project. In the coming months, they want to inform communities in a global way and convince them to do without pesticides. There is still no certainty as to the financial support of the country.