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Johannes Gutmann: "We must act now, so that Bio also has a chance in the future."

On June 5, on World Environment Day, the pioneer of organic agriculture, Sonnentor, presented "The Association for the Promotion of an Enchanted Environment in Austria". At the Sonnentor company in Neubaugasse, many representatives of the organic industry came together to learn more about the project. "We must act now so that Bio also has a chance in the future," said Sonnentor's founder, Johannes Gutmann.

Threat to organic farming

Every year, 12,900 tonnes of pesticides are applied to fields in Austria, which must be taken into account in Sonnentor. "If you add that to every Austrian, you get a kilo and a half of poison per nose," criticizes environmentalist Johann Zaller. "In Austria alone, there are 1,200 approved pesticides, and we know that pesticides not only kill pathogens, but also contribute to the general extinction of species." They also accumulate in the soil, leaving the poisons on the ground or in the garden where they are applied.For example, in one study, we detected 12 different pesticides in children's playgrounds, and most of these can interfere with our hormonal system, which is particularly acute in children. "

Johannes Gutmann, Elfriede Stopper, Johann and Eva Neuner and Johann Zaller. © Sonnentor

A lot of the arable poisons used today are spreading in our soils. "Organic farmers do not produce under a bell, the wind carries the toxins and does not stop in front of the biological fields, which is called drifting." This problem is compounded by climate change and the increase in the number of windy days. "says Elfriede Stopper, cultural consultant at Sonnentor.

Johann Neuner, organic farmer, adds: "In the worst case, our harvest can not be marketed biologically, which represents a financial loss that may even threaten the existence of small farms."

Call for quick help

"The call of organic farmers for quick help has been strong and we knew we had to be active here," said Johannes Gutmann. All organic farmers in Sonnentor are members of the new association "Association for the Promotion of the Enchanted Environment in Austria" and donate a small part of their income as a contribution. The sum generated is intended to compensate victims who can no longer sell their harvest as a biological product without their fault. Extraordinary members are also admitted to the association. (As)