Solar protection tested: Öko-Test 2019 for sensitive solar protection

Summer has finally arrived and makes life easier for parents. There is less clothing to wear, you can tan on the playground and there is ice cream for everyone. But one thing is not funny in summer: boring creaming. Refraining from sunscreen is not an option. The skin of children is still very thin and sensitive and therefore absolutely needs protection. Which sunscreen you use for your child, you should not depend on the pretty design or the delicious smell. What matters are the ingredients, which must be as natural and effective as possible for children.

Sun protection for children: sun creams in the eco-test 2019

Summer time is the hour of sunscreen, because the skin of sensitive children must be particularly protected against sunburn. Öko-Test has tested twenty sensitive sunscreens, which are not explicit for children, but can also be used for children. A unique sunscreen for children and parents also has the advantage that you have little Schlepperei on the way to the pool.

Which sun creams are suitable for the skin of sensitive children?

In children, sunscreen in summer is part of the morning routine because children's skin reacts quickly to UVA and aggressive UVA rays. For children, you should always use special sun creams for children or sunscreens for sensitive skin. The children's skin is still very fine and sensitive. It reacts more quickly to radiation, but also to the ingredients of cosmetics such as sunscreens.

The Eco-Test 2019 only recommends 4 products out of 20

Öko-Test has tested twenty sun creams for sensitive skin. The products must be gentle on the skin while providing optimal sun protection. The promised sunscreen offered all the tested products, but only four could convince as a whole.

Sunscreen for children – natural cosmetics give good results

The three "very good" sunscreens protect exclusively with mineral UV filters and are therefore also suitable for children's skin. For example, the Lavera Sunscreen Sensitive (SPF 30) protects the skin with mineral pigments and takes care of the skin simultaneously with organic sunflower oil and organic avocado oil. There is also a special sunscreen for the children of Lavera, which has not been tested during the eco-test of 2019.

Less thick for chemical UV filters, paraffins, PEG derivatives and nanoparticles

The promises of the manufacturers seem good, but since there is no legal obligation, what properties must have sunscreen with the predicate "sensitive", it is necessary to look more closely.

The Öko-Test consumer magazine has examined exactly 20 microscope-sensitive sunscreens. Good news for allergy sufferers: no preservatives containing preservatives or allergenic fragrances, and the specified sunscreen has also been provided.

Öko-Test finds in the tested sunscreens but also in many substances that you would prefer not to dirty his child and himself:

  • Chemical UV filters are suspected to be carcinogenic and to impair fertility.
  • Although paraffins are not classified as dangerous to health, they pollute the environment.
  • PEG derivatives can trigger allergies and make the skin more permeable to foreign substances. In addition, the compounds are made from petroleum and are difficult to break down.
  • The nanoparticles were not negative by Eco-Test. However, there is evidence that tiny particles can enter the body and react with other molecules.

Which sunscreen does Öko-Test 2019 recommend?

Öko-Test has rated three sunscreens sensitive "very good" and a "good". These include Lavera's Sunscreen Sensitive (SPF 30) and Aldi Süd's Sunscreen Sensitive Sun Ultra Sensitive 50+ Sunscreen. However, the latter also contains nanoparticles.

Daylong Cetaphil Sun Sensitive Cream Gel and Sun Sensitive Sun Lotion from Lancaster both contain chemical UV filters and have been devalued by an ecological test. This sunscreen should not be used for children.

Further information can be found directly on Öko-Test. You can download the exact test results as electronic paper for a fee.

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