Healing stones should reduce stress, give strength, improve sex


From rose quartz amethyst
Healing stones: that make beauty and help you lose weight

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Can we introduce you? Amethyst does not only seem fascinating, it should also have a very strong effect on humans. What it is, as well as the effect of other healing stones, we tell you here.

They should help you lose weight, become beautiful, have a calming effect – and promise a better sex even more. What exactly are healing stones and how do they work?

They could activate and harmonize the flow of energy in the body: since Hildegard von Bingen, gems have become what is called healing stones used. From amethyst to pink quartz. Read what healing stones should do.

To put it first: there are over 380 different healing stones with special meaning and effects on the body and mind. Because of the greater clarity, we have gathered here the six most common.

Healing stones – this is how they "work"

The healing stone theory is based on the recognition that all objects, not only humans, animals and plants, but also stones, give off energy. Before, they took them in the form of heat and light. The advantage of the stones: The energy is in them z.T. "kept" for millions of years and slowly released into the environment. What stones have what special abilities and what healing effect?

Calming and Centering Healing Stones – Amethyst

the Amethyst: Not only is he fascinating with his deep purple color, but he also tells him that he is strong and energetic. Stress, heartache, sleep disturbances and even nightmares would be caused by an amethyst – for example. on the bedside table or under the pillow – belong to the past. Those who suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity should be able to find their center with an amethyst.

as well rhodonite should help fight inner turmoil and phobias.

Healing stones for beauty – green and turquoise jade

Thousands of years ago, people were adorned with greener people Jade. It is said that this healing stone relieves kidney and bladder infections and stomach discomfort and is effective in acne problems.

The healing stone turquoise helps to solve circulatory problems and promotes relaxation, while promoting beauty by providing the body with new energy.

Healing stones for better metabolism – rock crystal

A healing stone that boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight? the rock crystal should act not only on fatigue, dizziness and nausea, but also in energy blockages. And best of all, it also protects and cleans the body, boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight. It means.

Important: If you want to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way, you must change your diet and provide you with enough physical activity. Radical diets can cause eating disorders and be dangerous. Ask nutrition experts and doctors for advice.

Healing stones for a more exciting sex – pink quartz

the pink quartz harmonizes the heart rate and should even relieve pain. His energy is said to help repel electrosmog. Great Plus: It is also said that it increases the pleasure of pleasure. This last property should also Rhodonit inherent.

Healing stones for a balanced psyche – the eye of the tiger

The eye of the tiger shines from one black to the other and should withstand the evil looks. The healing stone must be creative, flexible and alive, and offer openness and power. It is said that he would dispel negative thoughts and provide the best mood.

<h2 id = "healing stones — as-maybe-you-apply– "> Healing stones – so you can use them

There are many ways to absorb the power of healing stones. Gemstones are available as so-called Tumbled in often rounded form. They can be attached to the body, for example. carried in your pocket or just held in your hand. Often, even touching the smooth surface has a calming effect on the wearer or wearer.

Another option is to drink Heilstein water. Just drop it the desired healing stone in a carafe or pitcher with mineral water or tap. Leave the water in the container in an energetically quiet place of the apartment, without radiation through the sockets, television or wireless LAN, for a few hours, so that the water can absorb the energy. It mainly uses pink quartz, amethyst and rock crystal, but also combinations with other healing stones. Whether distributed throughout the day or in large sips: the speed with which you drink water does not matter. Trick: Pre-rinse the stones with running water (for heavy soiling, rub them with alcohol and then rinse them), then place them in the sun for a few hours in order to recharge a lot of water. Energy and more.

And what healing stone suits your zodiac? Do you suffer from menopausal symptoms? Again, thieves can help, for example Moonstone and fluorite.

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