Elna-Margret zu Bentheim: beautiful, successful and a wonderful mom

Elna-Margret in Bentheim is TV presenter at QVC, Author, ambassador of the brand and mother, For the second episode of BOULEWAHR Series "Super Mamis" she answered the questions.

"The woman may look like what she was before pregnancy"

Photo: Instagram / @elna_margret_zu_bentheim

Give birth to children means a lot of responsibility and change in life. "You only realize it when you hold your own child in your hands. Suddenly, you have the responsibility to make the child a good person or a bad person. "That's what Elna-Margret was 10 years ago when she gave birth to her son." Recently, she became a mother for the second time: "Especially in the early days, when children are small, you have to limit your own needs." Such experiences must be made by all mothers, not just celebrities. After a pregnancy, not only does privacy change, but also your own body. Many women are therefore afraid of not being attractive after pregnancy. Elna-Margret encourages these women and says: "You can look like what you had before your pregnancy. Of course, it takes a lot of discipline and time, but you should not put too much pressure and enjoy the time. After all, you have produced a life and you can be grateful for it! "

"We are a normal family, only in a bigger house"

Photo: Instagram / @elna_margret_zu_bentheim

During our interview comes his son pure and ask for help. Of course, Elna-Margret immediately interrupts the interview.to be there for his son. That's how super mom! She has one for the successful German commercial channel QVC up to 8 live broadcasts per day. "I am really sorry that such a performance is simply reduced. When casting, I often have the problem that people think, "Oh, now comes the Prinzesschen – who has everything anyway.Then you have to bite through. We are a normal family, only in a bigger house "After the birth of her daughter, Elna has just taken a break from work. "I ended the break earlier than expected because the requests were accumulating", C & # 39; is a workaholic: "I need that too!" She says to herself. "My work gives me a lot of positive energy that I can bring home!"

All she's done, she's managed on her own

Elna-Margret receives many requests to promote products. Most people reject it: "I only wish to promote the products that I use myself and that I can also defend.", C is like that, for example Brand ambassador for "Spilanthox therapy", a line of natural cosmetics with immediate anti-aging effect. Elna-Margret is still moderator at QVC. In the reality show "6 moms" she showed, along with 5 other famous mothers (Sila Sahin, Anouschka Renzi, Sarah Kern, Jessica Stockmann and Ute Lemper), how life works as a prom mother of students.