Easier to lose weight with the 50 percent rule

As we know, the Mediterranean diet is considered very healthy. No wonder it's often used as a template for new nutritional concepts. Even the very fashionable rule of 50% derives from the Mediterranean diet. But what is really behind the method?

We love vegetables!

The principle of the 50% rule is very simple: At each meal, the plate must contain 50% vegetables. The remaining 50% consists of a combination of protein (eg chicken), carbohydrates (eg, pasta or rice) and healthy fats. Vegetables can be varied at will – carrots, mushrooms, peppers or broccoli, you can eat what you want. The main thing, he remains vegetarian!

What is the success of the 50% rule?

There are several reasons why the 50% rule is totally fashionable:

  • Easy calorie saving by sharing food with vegetables. No complicated rules like weighing, measuring or recording meals.
  • The concept is no diet and can be done permanently.
  • The many vegetables provide us with all the nutrients we need. the Blood glucose remains fairly constant, which prevents cravings.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables it's generally healthy and can prevent various diseases.

How to consume vegetables better?

Basically, vegetables can be eaten raw and cooked. To conserve nutrients in vegetables, you must pay attention to the preparation: Steaming and steaming are considered much softer methods of preparation than frying, for example.

How much can I lose weight with the 50 percent rule?

If you follow the concept in the long term and without cheating, can fall two to three pounds a month. It may not be as fast as if you had completely given up on something, but let's be honest – who wants it?

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