Working Group Symposium on Sexual Violence and Offender Strategies and Author 's Reflection

The House of the Good Shepherd was occupied until the last place at the symposium "Strategies for offenders and perpetrators who think about sexual abuse – a benefit for prevention work!".

LANDKREIS SCHWANDORF The organizer was the working group on sexual abuse in the Schwandorf district. According to Helga Forster, Head of Equal Opportunity and coordinator of the working group, 80 participants from different sectors of child labor and youth from the district and other professionals from all over the Upper Palatinate show the The importance of the subject and the information provided by many specialists. to search for the subject

The criminologist Rita Steffesenn, especially from Rhineland-Palatinate, came from the Center for Criminological and Police Research, quoted in her speech at the beginning of the so-called MiKADO study of the University of Regensburg. She had investigated why so many acts of sexual violence committed on children remain hidden. According to this principle, every eighth out of ten children aged twelve to twelve is a victim of sexual abuse within the meaning of the Penal Code. Of these, only one percent is known to the authorities. Half of the affected children share shame with anyone. A quarter do not talk about the law because of the offender's threats.

Rita Steffesenn regretted that it is generally accepted that pedophile offenders. In fact, they represent only 20 to 40%. Pedophilia is a disease that affects both men and women. The variety of sexual violence against children, but committed for other reasons. Offenders are very competent and invest a lot of time to gain the trust and love of children. Therefore, it is very important to clarify to the children that the responsibility for an act always lies with the offender, never with the child.

The speaker gave a detailed account of the odyssey that children can threaten after exposure to sexual abuse, if the care is poorly cared for and if a stable environment is created. Rita Steffesenn pointed out that the distribution of child pornography on the Internet creates permanent abuse that can not be stopped. "People often can not imagine what is happening in reality," said Rita Steffesenn at the end of the conference.

For the criminologist, networking is the best prevention. She called on the experts present to cooperate closely in the prospect of detection and to create structures for emergencies.

The sexual abuse Arbeitskreis does this in the district Schwandorf already many years. The Sexual Abuse Working Group is a consortium of advisory and support services and government agencies that has existed since 1993, as well as social workers for youth in schools in Schwandorf District.