With dream rating 1.0 to music and medicine

Fürstenwalde (MOZ)
At times when the bison had become too much for him, he was writing a list. "With everything I will do when everything is finished," says Marc Schulze. He visits his relatives in Cologne and Chemnitz and spends time with his grandmothers.

For months, the 18-year-old has been preparing for Abitur exams in biology, Latin, mathematics and history. He was so successful that he became the best student of the Catholic Gymnasium Bernhardinum. Grade 1.0. Only six points are missing to reach the maximum score of 900.

Director Markus Mollitor is pleased with the cumulative average of this year's high school graduates, at 2.17. "Math was not an excitement because we always had everything from one to 15 points," says Mollitor. The last inspection took place on Wednesday. And: There are two students with 1.0-Abi.

"For me, it was important to make a good Abi because I want to study molecular medicine or human biology," says Marc Schulze. He wants to do some research. When the Fürstenwalder recounts his plans, he meets with his classmates for a rehearsal in the cathedral. On Sundays, a religious service with certificate delivery takes place. The Abi-Fete gets up a few hours later at the Theater am See in Bad Saarow. After that, the 18-year-old has just under three months to complete his list, because from September he begins a new adventure: "In Peru, I work as a volunteer for a year in a music school" explains the amateur pianist.

Presentation of certificates in the auditorium

Johann Krüger will have to deal with instruments of a different kind in the future. Fürstenwalder, 17, wants to study medicine. With his 1.0-Abi, which he took off at the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium, he has the best conditions to do it. Since Tuesday, Johann Krüger knows that he made the dream note. In the lesson, there was an informal document with the test results. He felt relief looking at the numbers, said the 17-year-old. "It was worth it," he says. The certificate that he and other high school graduates received on June 15 in the Schollgymnasium auditorium presented.

As relaxed as Johann Krüger, not all his comrades can participate in the weekend. "From Tuesday to Friday, there are additional tests," says Margit Skala, coordinator of the Schollgymnasium High School. For some candidates, they are mandatory because they do not yet fulfill the conditions for graduation from high school, for other free styles, to improve their grade. Currently, says Margit Skala, the score is 2.18.

Joachim Schenk, director of the Oberstufenzentrum Oder-Spree in Palmnicken, still does not want to talk about a cup. A few days before the graduation ceremony on June 14, at Pneumant Hall, there are still critics, he says. In previous years, the average rate ranged from 2.2 to 2.7; where "ladies are always a little better than men", as Schenk says. There is no explanation for this. There were no particular difficulties or exam subjects giving very good results.

The situation was different on the campus of Docemus Grünheide: "The best results were obtained in German, where the average was 10.4," said spokeswoman Franziska Sommerfeld. Even at Grünheide, students still have to pass exams to graduate from high school; Sommerfeld calls grade 2.2 as a preliminary cut. On the certificate of a Woltersdorferin, the rating is 1.0. Graduation diplomas will be presented on the 15th of June at the Löcknitzhalle.