Why do you relax better with the relaxation regime

Will is considered a virtue. But sometimes she can put pressure on you, for example on a diet. It's one thing to want to lose weight and another to actually lose weight. At least that's what a new diet trend says, which sees relaxation as the main way to do it. So, you just have to relax if you want to lose weight? We took a closer look at the relaxation regimen.

How does the relaxation regime work?

This new diet trend assumes that our mind is a powerful and effective tool. When we mentally take a resolution, we program the whole body about it. However, it is important to do the right programming. "You must lose weight" defines all the signs of weight loss, but links it to a constraint to achieve this goal. By dealing with the intention of doing something, the mind establishes an energy alignment that is designed to hold, rather than let go. Figuratively, you hold your weight instead of dropping it.

Does it seem esoteric to you? The self-experience is worth it! In fact, relaxation is plausible as a key to dream weight – which is constantly under stress and constantly stressed, whose body releases more cortisol, the stress hormone. And this affects the level of sugar in the blood and is sometimes associated with frequent cravings, which occur in extreme stress situations. So, less stress with diets also means keeping your cortisol levels in a healthier balance.

Relaxation regime: here's how the concept of weight loss works in practice

Instead of dealing with calorie tables, this diet starts in a reclining position: you lie on your back, close your eyes and concentrate entirely on a silent exhalation (inhalation comes naturally). This pose comes from yoga and is called Savasana. The feet are spread with the width of the hips, palms facing upward. Each time you exhale, you say inwardly, "I give up". Every day, you repeat this exercise for five minutes.

According to the idea of ​​the relaxation regime, he manages to release previously blocked energy with the intention of losing weight. By releasing this stuck energy, the body is preparing to really lose weight. This, coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercises, leads to the desired goal. And those who do not lose weight here, in the self-experience, wins anyway a more relaxed attitude!