Uri Health Promotion: A Specialized Agency Supports Online Counseling

Alcohol addiction, the prevention of falls or the promotion of physical activity are only a few examples of which the Gesundheitsförderung Uri association and the Uri Contact Uri office have been dealing with the year. last. Already new projects are coming.

Remo Infanger

From left to right: Bruno Scheiber, Cantonal Commissioner for Addictions, Eveline Lüönd, Program Manager

From left to right: Bruno Scheiber, Cantonal Commissioner for Addictions, Eveline Lüönd, Healthy In Old Age Program Manager, Michael Kunkel, President of the Uri Health Promotion Association, and Christoph Schillig, Head of job management. Contact Uri. (Image: Remo Infanger, Altdorf, June 5, 2019)

A little more than ten years have passed since the old pilot project resulted in the creation of one of the largest and most comprehensive specialized units for the prevention and promotion of health in the country. Township of Uri. While the mission of promoting the quality of life and health of young and old has always been the same, activities and campaigns have increased in recent years. For Michael Kunkel, President of Uri, in charge of health promotion, it is enough to return to the year 2018. He therefore welcomed the members to the meeting last Wednesday night.

Eveline Lüönd, head of the Urner Action Program "Healthy into Old Age", provides information on ongoing projects, in particular on the three Cantonal Action Programs (KAPs) "Nutrition and Exercise", " Mental Health "and" Healthy Aging ". The latter presented it as the manager herself: "In 2018, we started with this program," says Lüönd. "The needs of the elderly Uri, but also their loved ones, are put forward here." For example, the "Family Caregivers Day" at the end of October was a complete success. During a discussion on the podium and a movie screening, visitors were informed of the offers of assistance. "In an ongoing project, we are dealing with the prevention of falls among the elderly," said Lüönd. For example, organize training for Spitex staff.

The challenge of the Urner playground was one of the highlights

Simone Abegg, head of the KAP "Nutrition and Physical Activity", talked about some highlights of the past year, such as the challenge of the Urner playground or the coffee of various parents. Its CAP mainly concerns the promotion of physical activity in preschool children. For Bruno Scheiber, Head of the KAP 's "Mental Health" Department and Cantonal Commissioner for Addictions, one of the milestones of the year was the launch of the "Chinderliecht" pilot project. art therapy for children and adolescents of psychologically or addicted parents.

Christoph Schillig, head of communication with Uri, also looks back on an active year: "The new technical possibilities for our consulting activities occupy us enormously." Supported by the Uri Health Promotion Association, the Uri Contact Center places special emphasis on the prevention of adolescents. "In order to broaden our offer, we now wish to offer online advice in the form of chat or videophone," Schillig said. He sees several advantages, especially in terms of accessibility. "Young people, for example, in RS, can reach us better." The threshold of inhibition for seeking help, for example in addiction, could be lowered. "We are still in the testing phase," said Christoph Schillig. "I am curious to know how this offer will happen."

1320 threads, mostly with alcohol

The site manager also announced Uri Contact numbers. "Consulting activities have increased again compared to the previous year. In 2018, 158 customers were taken care of, "says Schillig. "That's about 1320 conversations." It was mainly alcohol addiction, followed by cannabis.

The two specialized departments work for the canton of Uri. The Health, Social and Environment Directorate (GSUD) supports each year the individual action programs by making a significant contribution. "I am delighted to see what can be achieved in the small canton of Uri through networking with each other," said the director of health, Barbara Bär.