This city prohibits the sale of cigarettes

In this country, you can hardly imagine it. But in Beverly Hills, California, the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products is soon banned. This means that all stores, gas stations and kiosks must remove cigarettes, cigars but also electronic cigarettes from their shelves as of January 1, 2021. Then a regulation comes into force, which was adopted unanimously this week. Flavored cigarettes are no longer available for sale.

The sale of cigarettes is prohibited

For some time now, the American city of California has been preventing residents and tourists from smoking. In residential complexes, on public squares and sidewalks, and in parks, you can not smoke. The city puts everything on the health of its citizens. Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch reportedly said, "I think if you understand the history of cigarettes as a consumer product, the most deadly consumer product ever created, it makes sense that someone Finally, say "Wait a minute, it's too dangerous to sell it on every street corner. "Someone must be first, let's be that."

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Only a few exceptions – even for tourists

There are also exceptions here, but they are rare. Three cigar clubs and existing hotels have a special permit. However, cigarettes and other tobacco products may only be sold to hotel guests or club members. All those who do not want to smoke in the neighboring city prefer to quit, for which there is at least one state-funded participation in a program that should make it easier to stop. That the unconditional smoker is merciful …

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