Tauernklinikum: Beginning of mammography in Zell am See

A Tauernklinikum digital mammography system now provides breast cancer screening in Zell am See.

CELL ON LAKE. In Pinzgau, many women have aspired and claimed it: there is finally a mammography site in Zell am See. Since 1 June, the Tauernklinik has been running an early breast cancer screening program (BKFP).

According to General Manager Franz Öller, this is a high-end digital mammography system. Thanks to this modern mammography system, it has been possible to reduce the dose administered to patients by 30% and to ensure greater diagnostic reliability with 3D mammary tomosynthesis.

Waiting time and shortened travel

For Franz Öller, managing director of the Tauernklinikum, the situation has long been unsatisfactory: "I am delighted that we have finally received all the permits and that we can also start with preventive controls at the Zell am See site." The Tauernklinikum ensures the pooling of capacities as well as the use of synergies on several radiology sites, not only at national level, but also within the deadlines set for radiological care, as well as at Oller.

For the mayor Andreas Wimmreuter, the inclusion of the Zell am See Tauernklinik as a new mammography site is also very satisfying: "For the women of Zeller and Pinzgauer, the waiting times and the times of journey are considerably shortened. "

Intensively tested

The Tauernklinik Zell am See was confirmed after a thorough examination of the certification register of 1 June 2019 with the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) and the Austrian Insurance Company of the quality and quality management in the certification register. ,

This means that screening tests can now be carried out at two sites in Pinzgau – Saalfelden and Zell am See.