Sun creams penetrate directly into the blood

A day of summer, sun and sunscreen are enough

Although sunscreen protects against sunburn and skin cancer, it involves very different dangers. An American study results in a scary result: even a day when you regularly take creams is enough for the sunscreen chemicals to accumulate in our blood. And they stay for several days! We show you which alternatives exist.

Already after 24 hours, significant increase in the concentration of chemicals in the blood

Researchers from the FDA's "Center for Evaluation and Drug Research," featured in the Jama newspaper, had 24 volunteers covered with sunscreen chemical agents four times in a row for four days. From the beginning to three days after the test, they examined the blood for the presence of avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene and ecamsul, all harmful chemicals. Oxybenzone and octocrylene may affect the human hormonal system, avobenzone may cause skin irritation.

After only 24 hours, all participants had significantly higher levels of the four chemicals. The concentration of three of the four substances continued to increase during investigations until stagnation from the seventh day, and then declined again.

The video presents five insider tips for a perfect tan – sunscreen also plays an important role!

Alternative without chemicals: mineral sunscreen

If you do not want to get dirty with chemical sunscreen, you can use mineral UV filters. The nanoparticles of titanium oxide and zinc – these particles reflect ultraviolet radiation on the skin, so that they can not penetrate deeper layers of the skin. They work superficially, unlike chemical sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen is available at Suntribe *, Lavera * or Avène *, for example.

And in general, no matter sunscreen: do not stay too long in the sun and give the skin enough shade!

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