Pforzheim delegation at the congress of oncology in Czestochowa

The Mayor of Czestochow, Krzysztof Adam Matyjaszczyk, invited delegations from the twin cities of Pforzheim and Lourdes to an international congress on oncology. The invitation was attended by the Mayor of Pforzheim, Frank Fillbrunn, by the City Council and General and by Palliativmediziner, Ralf Fuhrmann, General Manager of the Christian Hospice Pforzheim / Martin Gengenbach and by Dr. med. med. Dr. Dipl. Phys. Robert Feldmann, Senior Physician at the Center for Integrative Pain and Palliative Medicine at the ├ľschelbronn Clinic.

The congress was entitled "The art wins the fight against cancer – treatments to support the treatment of the tumor". In an ambitious program, contributions with a wide variety of reflections, approaches and experiences enriched the knowledge of all participants for one day. The result showed that school and alternative medicine as well as a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, such as design, music, movement, art, relaxation, theater or reading as well as the cooperation and care provided by nursing / medical professionals and volunteers who help and support people.

The participants from Lourdes – some of whom were themselves affected by cancer – spoke with an expressive and written piece for themselves in the evening program about how cancer diagnosis and disease progression feel and develop for the people affected. In addition to the official congress, the common events of the support program also showed the great importance of professional and personal exchanges.

"This first international oncological congress within the framework of German-French-Polish cooperation can provide a solid basis for a mutually enriching exchange in this field," said Mayor Frank Fillbrunn. Czestochowa, homeland of the "Black Madonna", again offered a "European Community in miniature" at a meeting of German, French and Polish participants. By 1998, the Council of Europe had recognized the Polish "holy capital" of 250,000 inhabitants for promoting European unity and international cooperation by awarding the European Prize.