Overview of A + A 2019 in the OHS portal



the A + A Occupational Safety Fair (World Fair for Personal Protection, Occupational Safety and Health) and the affiliated A + A Congress, both November 5-8, 2019 in Düsseldorf are eagerly awaited in the OSH industry. Every two years, the salon and congress are the nerve center of health and safety at work. Scientific results and practical applications meet, politics and business engage in a dialogue. Wolfram Diener, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf, explains what A + A visitors can expect.

Theme 1: The future of work with modern workplace safety

Digitization and networking are driving new business structures and new production conditions. More and more people are working in networks, thanks to more flexible computer media independent of the time and place. Flexibility has advantages in terms of rapid individual production, and even young talent may feel comfortable doing so. But the psychological pressure on the employees increases: the flow of information as well as the permanent accessibility are a real risk factor for the psyche.

The goal of A + A is to look comprehensively at future workplace safety: opportunities should be identified through new forms of work organization; The international fair also wants to raise awareness of the potential risks and the necessary protective measures.

Even traditional A + A subjects are the "classics" Personal protection, occupational safety and health, are always at the center of trade show and congress activities. Three areas that cover the exhibition's target group (Occupational Safety and Health Management Managers, Personnel Managers and Company Committees, Retailers and Industry Buyers, Physicians of the Company) company, fire brigade, police and relief and relief organizations, supervisors and small and medium-sized business owners). This year, Hall 1 will be available as additional exhibition space. The 2,000 or so exhibitors thus have more space to present their innovative products in the field of workplace safety.

Theme 2: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In the field of conventional occupational safety, personal protection in the form of PPE is one of the central themes of the exhibition. In 2017, 56 exhibitors gathered in the Corporate Fashion / Image Wear segment. Another 260 companies also offered products from this segment. According to Wolfram Diener, A + A was the largest trade fair on the subject in international comparison. The organizers expect this area to continue to grow in 2019. "The personal protective equipment market is booming," says Wolfram Diener. He calls for increased safety awareness, but also the fact that workwear and PPE are becoming more and more related to leisure clothing and "designer clothing". The old safety shoe is often used as a modern sports shoe, which gives you a beautiful appearance. Ecological fair trade materials are increasingly in demand by policy makers and buyers.

Theme 3: Operational Safety

Reducing the risks for each employee by means of protective measures and ensuring the technical safety of the installations and buildings: this is the objective of the safety zone at work, called "safety at work". Occupational safety is another priority of A + A 2019. The topics covered include the safe storage of hazardous substances such as traffic safety, radiation protection or protection against falling structures, aspects of preventive protection. against fire, explosion protection or emergency management.

Theme 4: Occupational health

The offers, products and services in the field of health protection are as vast as the risks to health at work. Among other things, A + A will present solutions in the areas of acoustics, lighting and lighting, indoor climate, ergonomic work equipment and landscaping. of the workplace. In the promotion of occupational health and prevention, healthy nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, relaxation and drug prevention play an important role. The goal of maintaining employees' health: satisfied and therefore voluntary employees, less downtime and less risk of accidents in the company. "According to a study by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, EU-OSHA, investment in health promotion is paying off: every euro generates a return of between 2.50 and € 4.80, "said Mr. Diener. Investment in employee health is paying off!

Theme 5: The future of work

How can an international trade fair on workplace safety without the "future of work" theme be heard? Not at all, so you can find on what you call products, concepts and solutions for the highlighted route for the future of work. From digital aids to innovative workplace models, providers offer different solutions.

Hall 10 again meeting place for safety and health

All non-commercial exhibitors will meet again in Basi e.V. at the Meeting Point Safety and Health in Hall 10 of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center.

Conferences and activities of participation and learning await the visitors here. "Non-material suppliers of health and safety at work are also represented, namely professional associations and accident funds, employers' associations and trade unions, ministries and institutions of the economy. State, professional associations, universities and other non-profit organizations, that is to say all specialists in employment issues and health protection ", Wolfram Diener explains the composition of the meeting place. Independent experts answer questions such as occupational diseases, hazardous substances, accident insurance or regulation.

Experience live in special shows workplace safety and workplace safety

The popular A + A special shows allow visitors of the show to experiment with work safety and live work safety: the German Lifesaving Society and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief show once again how "safe safeguarding" is effective; the Werkfeuerwehrverband shows the practice of "fire protection and emergency management". In the trend forums "Workplace Design & Health" and "Safety & Security" there is a lot to experiment and try.

Congress – the largest community event on workplace safety in Germany

For the 36th time, the congress will be held in 2019 for the A + A. More than 5,000 actors from industry, commerce, administration, politics and science talk about new concepts and new challenges in the workplace safety sector. Again, new formats can be found, such as "Praxis Interaktiv" or the "Fokus Professionen" with the first "Prevention Slam".

Film and Media Festival and Workplace Safety Awards

The film and media festival "kommmitmensch" will take place for the first time this year. The prize is awarded to films that are particularly effective in promoting prevention and health promotion in companies. The awarding of the German Health and Safety at Work Award will also take place on 05.11.2019 on the occasion of the A + A fair at the CCD congress center in Düsseldorf.