Madonna defends herself against a portrait of the "New York Times"

Some superstars do not care much about what is written about them. Madonna is not a part of it. The queen of pop has maintained and protected her image from the beginning. In the meantime, everything is based on his legacy. Madonna now launches an unusually heavy charge against journalists. The occasion is a big portrait in the magazine of the "New York Times". "It makes me feel violated," Madonna wrote on Instagram.

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The pop star quickly defended the controversial wording. "I have the right to make this comparison because I was raped at the age of 19," Madonna said. She accused the prestigious American newspaper of being a bastion of "patriarchy". The article expresses a social need to "denigrate or humiliate what is known to be good, especially strong and independent women".

Madonna had given journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis months of information about her world. Nevertheless, the author is limited to "mundane and superficial" observations. Especially the "endless remarks about my age", Madonna madonna. This would have "never been mentioned, if I were a man!"

In fact, Grigoriadis has already stated in the title that his article would focus on the age of Madonna. The title was "Madonna at 60" – while the singer was celebrating her birthday on August 16, 2018. The journalist (born in 1973, New Yorker as Madonna) also seemed to be interested in her personal relationship with the singer. "I knew I could not ask him something as personal as menopause," the article explains. "But I had to address the subject of" aging ": if I followed her for so long, where is it for us next?"

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The New York Times had Madonna at the Twitter portrait ad always celebrated as a pioneering artist: "Without Madonna, we would not have Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and maybe not even Janelle Monáe. "

The readers of the article have been divided. The most popular commentary also found the sexist point of view. "When do we see an article about Mick Jagger's aging, with his age in the title, followed by his remarks about what it feels like to be old? Just a question."

Other readers felt that the theme was justified. "There is a contradiction in Madonna, that it's difficult to solve," he said in the second most popular comment. "If aging is something that no one should care about, why is she working so hard to challenge it?" Asked Madonna's fan, referring to the singer's cosmetics line. She sells luxury anti-aging toiletries and accessories through her MDNA Skin company. A cream costs about 250 dollars (about 222 euros).

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