Lose weight: this herbal milk contains the most calories

Those who eat vegan but do not want to run out of milk in their coffee or cereals often depend on oatmeal.

No wonder, because oatmeal is superfood, very healthy and a perfect source of energy.

Oatmeal as a calorie trap?

However, if you want to save calories at the same time, you have to be careful.

Although oatmeal is considered a true satiety, it prevents cravings and contains a lot of healthy fats, but contains the most calories from all herbal milk substitutes.

Of course, the number of calories still depends on the manufacturer, but on average, a cup of oatmeal contains about 130 calories.

Advantages of oatmeal

The small disadvantage that one must deduce from oats for one's calories can be offset by many positive traits.

Thus, the herbal drink also contains a lot of filling fibers.

Kailey Proctor, a nutritionist at St. Joseph Health Hospital, also knows how good it is for the body.

She explains to the online magazine "POPSUGAR", "Fiber is important for weight management because it causes a feeling of satiety in the stomach and requires us to eat less between meals."

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