Hope for a poison-free future

"Person or thing (rare) to which a person in a certain field builds a hope", That's how the Duden defines "Hope",
Since the fall of 2014, the Malser said, in a referendum majority favoring a pesticide-free community, that many hopes rest on the small square of Vinschger, who is now a world pioneer on the road to a future without chemical pesticides. The interest in Mals does not stop. German and foreign journalists, politicians and scientists continue to make pilgrimages to the Obervinschger community. Recently, even alternative Nobel Prize winner Vandana Shiva was present.

But peace is vainly sought in Mals, even five years after the vote on pesticides. Opponents and advocates of pesticides are irreconcilably opposed in this place often called "Gallic village". The legal tussle on that of the mayors Ulrich Veith The anti-pesticide regulation published by several Malser apple producers has not yet been decided. Last episode: early June, Veith says that Salzburg Newsthat his commitment to pesticides has disadvantages for his community. "We are excluded from some projects." Veith's remarks did not work well in Bolzano. In your own party, you feel offended. Once again
This begs the question: time arrived at a dead end?

A former minister and a pat on the back

"The situation in Mals is misplaced and is ideologically occupied." Arnold Schuler do not even try to make things better. As Landwirtschaftslandesrat, he has become the target of numerous attacks by those who accuse the state government, pushed by the South Tyrolean Farmers Association to lay the stones of the "Malser way".
Schuler is irritated by Ulrich Veith. "This is not true," he replied to the mayor's statement. Sometimes he would not be disadvantaged or even cut off from financial resources. He will report to Veith in the appropriate form, announces the county council.

But he did not want to cut the line at Mall, Schuler said. Next Wednesday (June 12), he will be invited. He will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion evening Renate Künast exchange.
The leading politician of the German Greens was already the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and, in the early 2000s, the political mother of the "turnaround of the German". Agriculture". With what feeling is he going to Mals? He had Künast before invited to a farm visit"Schuler reveals.The operation is now partly biological, partly integrated.Green should" have an impression. "For those who come to talk about agriculture in South Tyrol, one must also know the "that is not comparable to other realities," says Schuler.Other than that, he finds the opportunities as next Wednesday "very exciting" and is always willing to "discuss openly and publicly".

Arnold Schuler

"Openly and publicly discuss": wants also Landrat Arnold Schuler five years after the vote on the pesticide of Malser (Photo: Facebook)

Before his visit to Mals, the provincial council got windy, on the one hand quite unexpected. C & # 39; Koen Hertoge by PAN Italia, the Italian branch of the international anti-pesticide network. Appeared frequently as Schuler's critic, Hertoge now finds him benevolent words. "He is a bearer of hope."

Pesticides in the game

Koen Hertoge is the last of the eleven authors of the study, a month ago, in the open access journal for environmental science, environmental chemistry and economics. ecotoxicology. "Environmental Sciences Europe" appeared. This is the indented version of trial games for kidsthe umbrella organization for nature and the protection of the environment presented in the autumn two years ago. Pesticide residues were found in 29 of the 71 playgrounds in South Tyrol. "The playground study published in 2017 was the basis for the work that has just been published, which has been supplemented by meteorological data combined with international scientists and from South Tyrol," explains Hertoge. The intention behind this? "objectivity participate in the pesticide debate, support decision-makers in decision making, and provide an instrument for doing so. "

Arnold Schuler does not want to refuse the outstretched hand – "such studies and the concerns of the people must be taken seriously and our goal is of course to avoid residues". But the provincial council wishes "Equity"He still has something to complain about in this study. "In 53 playgrounds, traces were found so small that they are below the limit, where they can be measured scientifically.If the measurement uncertainty was taken into account, these 53 playgrounds would be exempt of pesticides. "

Always the farmers?

"No campaign against Schuler" that he wanted to drive or PAN Italia, stresses Koen Hertoge. But you are goingcontinue to raise your voiceif it needs it. "An urgent need to act is manifested especially in the remote control of the application of pesticides in fruiting." Residues were found in playgrounds at 300 meters from the orchards. "Additional measures have been taken to avoid drift, said Hertoge," agriculture is essential ".

Koen Hertoge

"Will continue to raise your voice": But Koen Hertoge is also eager to see each other (Photo: Stadtgemeinde Bolzano)

Arnold Schuler frowns. "Farmers are tired of being hacked." In the study plan, the authors would conceal the fact that in several samples, traces of an active ingredient were found, "equal in quantity to all other residues together, but not proven. agriculture ". In addition, the State Council makes reference to the agreement, which was concluded in early April 2018 in Vinschgau, in order to avoid any drift on organic lands. "It works," says Schuler "Do not kill everyone",

Less poison never hurts

So, the devil is in the details. Seen from a distance, it shows: Something moves. Arnold Schuler's motto for this legislature is: preserving biodiversity and biodiversity. On Friday, he will present the program "South Tyrol – Land of Biodiversity" with state governor, Hochgruber Kuenzer, and an update of the bio-offensive launched in November 2017 will be published soon.
Koen Hertoge welcomes the political commitments made by the State Council. He concluded: "A new greening of South Tyrol is possible only with Schuler.In spite of intensive discussions, there is a good basis for discussion with the current Provincial Council." Schuler, Hertoge says "Almost as an organic state councilor" emerge from this legislature. "He is a bearer of hope."

Arnold Schuler can not really do anything with such titles. "We have to watch how we treat each other"It's important for him, also for Mals." The wait is huge. The royal way would be to sit together at a table to look for and find solutions together. "
A future without chemical poison, many people want it. At the same time, a future without social poison is just as desirable. For times. And for the whole country.