Good evening reading with Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt for the Hospizverein

All those who expected Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt to read only a few chapters of his book entitled "Women's Stories: What I Learned from Strong Women" are unfamiliar to the young man 62 years old. The work served the quierligen moderator of the NDR debate show Tuesday night largely as a stumbling block.

On the basis of amusing anecdotes, experienced by Meyer-Burckhardt with strong women like Ina Müller, Marianne Sägebrecht or Elke Heidenreich, he slipped again and again into the world of deep literature. Kurt Tucholsky was also discussed, as were Anton Chekhov and Rainer Maria Rilke.

Quotes from Chekhov and Heidenreich

But even here, it was less pious than gay. With phrases such as "If you fear loneliness, do not get married" (Chekhov) Meyer-Burckhardt made the audience laugh. The consenting applause came for "When one deals with life, one remains young" (Heidenreich) – as an antipole with anti-aging euphoria in televised circus.

Meyer-Burckhardt did not spare his task so that the program awakens the ephemeral nature of life. This had to do with the purpose of the charity event – the Hospizverein Dänischer Wohld. "For me, such an evening is special because the fate of the people I lost in the hospices is also mentioned with me," said the host during the break.

4000 euros for the hospice association

"My oldest and closest friend died at the age of 40," said Meyer-Burckhardt. The reading in favor of the club was different from the other nights of his tour. "A slight brake prevents me from becoming silly, otherwise it would be easy to play with a number that does not fit."

The initiative at the Iwersen bookstore in the Gettorf cultural and educational center was launched several months ago by Gudrun Ehmke from Hospizverein. When she learned that Meyer-Burckhardt had supported the hospice movement, she asked for a brief request at her office.

"I like to take the time," said Meyer-Burckhardt. He abolished the fees, so that the Danish Hospice Wohld can count alone with 4,000 euros of entrance fees. In addition, beverage sales generate income.

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