Environmental protection: Sonnentor creates an association for the protection of organic fields

Organic farmers sound the alarm. Sonnentor is now firmly committed to a "child-friendly environment".

NEW CONSTRUCTION. "We are convinced that we can all contribute to the promotion of organic farming, a sustainable society and an environment conducive to grandsons," says Johannes Gutmann, founder of Sonnentor and the One of the pioneers of organic farming. "31 years ago, I was still called crazy, and today we are working with 300 organic farmers who grow 60 different crops for Sonnentor on 1,500 hectares."

But Sonnentor's organic farmers are sounding the alarm. "In Austria, 12,900 tonnes of pesticides are applied each year to conventional agricultural fields.The wind carries toxins and does not stop in front of organic fields.This is called deriving. Unfortunately, this problem is aggravated by climate change and the already increasing windy days, "adds Elfriede Stopper, Sonnentor's crop consultant. "In the worst case, our harvest can no longer be marketed organically, which represents a huge financial loss.This may threaten the existence of small farms!" Explains Johann Neuner, organic farmer.

Poison is everywhere

"A lot of the arable poisons used today are spreading on our soils, and more and more detailed analyzes are shedding light on the truth," says the biologist, BOKU professor and author of "Our Daily Poison" Johann Zaller. "In Austria alone, there are 1,200 approved pesticides, we know that they not only kill pests, but also contribute to the general extinction of species." Poisons do not just stay in the field or in the garden, where they are applied, they follow us everywhere In a recent study, we have been able to detect 12 different pesticides in children's playgrounds.The majority of pesticides found can interfere with our hormonal system, which is particularly explosive in children. "Gutmann adds," We knew we had to be active here and we could not wait for politicians to act for organic farmers right here., that's why, with our growers, we created the association for the promotion of a world-friendly environment in Austria. "

The pioneering club

All of Sonnentor's organic farmers are members of this association and donate a small portion of their income as a contribution. The amount generated offsets those who can no longer sell their crop as organic without being responsible for it. "Often you can not prove who caused the damage – and no one can be held responsible – we now have a hedge," says Johann Neuner at the official presentation in the Sonnentor shop in Neubaugasse.

The imitation is desired. "We want to encourage people with this pioneering project to become active themselves.We need both, a responsible conventional agriculture and organic farming." I hope that there will soon be a lot of people. similar associations and self help groups in Austria! "says Gutmann. Incidentally, anyone can become an extraordinary member. More info: www.enkeltaugliche-umwelt.at