Depression and allergies are related

Also noted in related anxiety disorders

Depression, anxiety disorders and allergies – many diseases that are very different, but in their own way represent a significant burden for the people concerned. Researchers at the Technische Universität München have discovered that there is a link between them. Are people with mental health problems more susceptible to allergies?

The TU Munich team interviewed over 1,700 people about their allergies – and singled out events throughout the year such as house dust or animal hair, grass pollen and other allergies, for example, against certain foods.

In addition, participants answered questions about their mental health, focusing on depression, acute mental stress, and generalized anxiety disorders that affect their daily lives.

Depressed people often suffer from allergies all year long

About a quarter of the respondents said they suffered from allergies: 7.7% all year, 6.1% seasonal and 13.6% in other forms. The participants, who were suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder, had remarkably frequent pollen allergies. Respondents suffering from depression or depressive phases, on the other hand, suffer more and more allergy all year round.

Whether the psyche has an influence on the development of allergies or vice versa, we can not answer the study – we will now carry out further investigations. Surprisingly, however, researchers found that mental factors almost did not affect food allergies.

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