Dagi Bee: What? At the age of 24, she suddenly suffers from acne

YouTuber Dagi Bee is always flawless on the pictures and in his videos. But in a new video, the blonde has now revealed that she is currently struggling with a widespread beauty problem.

Dagi Bee (24) is one of the most influential influencers in Germany. On Instagram and YouTube, she gives fans a daily glimpse of her life, repeatedly showing that everything does not have to be as perfect as it may seem at first glance. If it's critical, she knows to at least defend herself. Currently, the 24-year-old is struggling with another rather ugly problem, as she reveals in a new YouTube clip.

In the "Style and Talk" video, the beauty queen openly talks about imperfections on her face. And she also reveals that she is currently struggling with acne. "I've had some skin problems (…) .I was also at the dermatologist and in fact it's really a very mild acne," admits the beauty queen.

Dagi has never had any skin problems

Dagi said that his skin problems were really related to acne. "And I thought so, okay, cool having a mild acne at age 24, even though you've always had a" skin so clean "- so I've never really had a So, I just can not believe it's really acne. "

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Please do not chemistry

But how did we get to that, when she had always had a fairly clean skin? As YouTuberin explains, the imperfections only appeared since she dropped the pill after more than seven years. His body is still struggling with hormonal changes. Her family doctor then offered her creams and acne tablets, but the chemical treatments routinely reject her, so as not to harm her body: "For these three points on the face – I prefer to run that my body completely drying ".

The 24-year-old is delighted to have found other products that help fight pimples. And of course, Dagi also announced their intention to show them to their fans – not only to share their own experiences, but also to help their subscribers with the same issues.


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