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Sunscreens often contain harmful substances, even hormonal, in terms of environmental protection – this is the conclusion of the magazine "Öko-Test", which examined 20 products. Five have completely failed, only three received the overall rating "very good," said Thursday the Arbeiterkammer Upper Austria under review.

The creams, balms, lotions and sprays SPF 30 or higher have been tested for allergenic perfumes, problematic preservatives, possibly UV hormonal filters, silicones, paraffins, PEG / PEG derivatives and synthetic polymers harmful to the skin. ;environment. It was not checked whether the creams were compliant with the specified sun protection factor.

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No-Gos absolute

The reasons for this "mediocre" ranking were mainly silicones or paraffins, which are not as well integrated in the balance of the skin as natural oils, as well as PEG / PEG derivatives. These make the skin more permeable to foreign substances. Chemical UV filters, which are believed to act as hormones, have been frequently criticized.

Chemical UV filters that enter the water during swimming should also be responsible for the discoloration and death of the coral. The mineral UV filters were only used with three sunscreens. Positive: No preservatives or allergy-related fragrances were found, most of the products were even fragrance-free.

These sun creams have failed

  • Mineral Clinic Sunscreen Lotion 30
  • Daylong Cetaphil Sensitive Cream Gel 50+
  • Garnier Amber Solar Sensitive Expert + 50+
  • Lancaster Sun Sensitive Delicate Soothing Sun Milk 50
  • Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitve Skin Lotion 30

These are the test winners

  • Eco Cosmetics Sun Milk Sensitive 30
  • Lavera Sensitive 30 Sunscreen
  • Dado Sens Sun Sun Fluid 30

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