You should avoid these things for a flat stomach

If swollen belly or belly fat – at our mid-section is often an unhealthy diet. There are foods that are anything but conducive to a flat stomach …

Who does not know, because we just ate a delicious dinner and we already adjust the jeans and we would like to open the button immediately – if only you do not stay in the restaurant. But not only pizzas and burgers provide a full stomach and, in the long run, unhealthy (and annoying) belly fat. After all, real sugar bombs are also hidden in supposedly healthy foods, which in turn are responsible for, among other things, the formation of fat cells. What foods should not be on your diet, if you want to lose weight on your stomach, you'll know it here …

1. yoghurt

Of course, yogurt is not the only culprit if your stomach has a little more to offer. But like cream or fruit yogurt, it contains a lot of industrial sugar, which comes in regular form of fat cells. In addition, this type of yogurt contains lactose and can cause bloating and inflammation of the digestive tract.

2. Muesli Bar

In fact, they are considered a healthy alternative to chocolate bars and sweets, while it has the barely visible muesli bars, the thick fist behind the ears. Precisely because they have such low nutritional value, they are even considered by experts as candy. If chocolate, icing or crumbs are added, the sugar and calorie bomb is just perfect, and he is only too happy to reflect it on our hips.

3. fruit juice

Slowly but surely, everyone should have noticed that fruit juices, like cola, soda and others, are hidden calorie bombs. Finally, the fruit juices of the supermarket contain not only fructose, but also often added sugars. On the other hand, the freshly squeezed orange juice contains less sugar because it only contains fructose. So for a flat stomach, you should remove soft drinks and fruit juices from your diet.

4th salt

Dishes without salt? Hard to imagine! After all, only a small pinch of salt guarantees the right amount of spices. But here too, all that glitters is not gold. because Excessive salt intake increases blood pressure and may also result in water retention. For a flat stomach, avoid frequent salting.

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