Wickede: Remove ticks immediately, antibiotics not always necessary

Wickede – If it stings, we scratch ourselves quite unconsciously and we suddenly realize that the supposed "button" feels strangely unpleasant, it's often a tick bite. Then it is time to act quickly. "The tick must be removed immediately," says specialist Dr. med. Andreas Pennekamp.

Arachnids generally attack humans without realizing it, can stand extremely constantly on the skin and bite at the proper places.

"The tick as a vector of Lyme disease and Frühsmermermeningitis or encephalitis must be removed immediately with tweezers, a prick card or tweezers before their intestinal contents, once soaked with water." Water, does not pour into the secondary canal, "says the doctor. The time factor is clearly crucial.

If it has come to bite, may be necessary for therapy with an antibiotic. But this also shelters imponderables, as a general practitioner dr. Ulrich Weber at the conference at the Wickeder Bürgerhaus for an introduction.

Antibiotics are often too early

The diagnosis is often not so easy. As a result, antibiotics are unfortunately too often used inappropriately.

Dr. Ulrich Weber as second president of the civic association Wickede (Ruhr) was pleased to announce under the title "Tick Bites – consistent and non-alarmist therapy!" Andreas Pennekamp will present a confirmed expert.

The microbiologist and epidemiologist is head of Soester's microbiology laboratory and has his own practice. The skilled person makes it clear that after correct and immediate removal of the tick, only an antibiotic should be administered against Lyme disease, in case of infection.

"It is recognizable to characteristic Erythema migrans and to symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cardiac arrhythmia and increased rate of anti-Borrelia antibodies in the blood," said the speaker.

Antibiotics can treat borreliosis well, but can lead to heart failure, organ damage or, in extreme cases, death or even misdiagnosis.

On the other hand, prophylactic vaccination helps to fight against meningitis / encephalitis (TBE) early in the summer, much more dangerous, for example when planning a trip to an area to risk.

Areas at risk include Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, some Mediterranean countries and parts of southern Sweden.

"The doctor's eye is crucial: he must draw the correct conclusions from the anamnesis and assessment of the puncture site as well as the shape of the reddening of the skin," says Dr. med. Pennekamp.

During the conference, he presented facts on the anatomy and lifestyle of ticks as well as on the detection of late symptoms of Lyme disease, such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. heart failure, presented case studies and raised questions.

This last "Wickeder consultation" of the civic association Wickede (Ruhr) met on Wednesday evening at the community center with great success. So 2nd President Dr. Ulrich Weber and the speaker himself bring some more chairs, until more than 70 listeners finally find their place.