Why we do not recommend this Nivea Sun Sensitive sunscreen

Author: Lena Wenzel | Category: Cosmetics and Fashion | 06/05/2019

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If the skin is sensitive, sensitive sunscreens are recommended. In our test, however, only four out of twenty convince. A cream of Nivea Sun is not a part of it.

People with sensitive skin need a good sunscreen in the summer. A high sun protection factor and, of course, ingredients that do not cause health or environmental problems are important. We tested 20 special sensitive sun creams.

Nivea Sun Sensitive Instant 50+ allergy sun protection during the test

the Nivea Sun Sensitive immediate protection against sun allergies 50+ is one of the sensitive sunscreens in the test that we can not recommend. It is one of the ten creams that we generally consider to be "satisfactory".

Reason for the overall mixed rating: In the cream Nivea tested, there is the substance Homosalat. It must protect itself from the UV rays of the sun, but it is also suspected of acting as hormones. In addition, the cream contains plastic compounds that can pose a problem for the environment.

The Homosalat UV filter degrades the overall rating from "very good" to "good". The plastic compounds in total express it as "satisfactory".

You can purchase the full test with all the detailed results in electronic form here.

UV filters often problematic in sunscreens

The test shows: Sensitive sunscreens often contain problematic UV filter substances. Three-quarters of the 20 test products contain substances that may have a hormonal effect. Other test problems: PEG (polyethylene glycols and / or related chemicals) and paraffins, but also silicones and other plastic compounds that can pollute the environment. In total, we therefore recommend only 4 of 20 Sensitive Sun creams with "very good" or "good". Half of the products are only "satisfactory", six fail with "insufficient" and "mediocre".

How to protect yourself from sunburn

  • Apply the thick sunscreen. To ensure protection, you must spread six teaspoons of cream.
  • Are you a fair skin type? Then it is recommended to buy sunscreens with a high SPF starting from 30.
  • Cream again when bathing – even if sunscreen is waterproof. There is only one part left on the skin.

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