Vegan Britin refuses chemotherapy and dies of breast cancer

Even Apple's icon, Steve Jobs, has trusted to defeat his vegan and homeopathic cancer. The cancer was stronger. Britain's Katie Britton-Jordan has opted for a similar treatment to calm her breast cancer. Now she is dead.

Briton Katie Britton-Jordan made the headlines in 2017. The 38-year-old woman at the time had rejected chemotherapy for the treatment of her breast cancer but rather for her vegan diet and homeopathy. Now, the mother (40) of a little girl has died as a result of her illness.

"It breaks my heart to write that, but on Saturday, May 25, Katie went peacefully to the next one, with the same grace and power that she lived with her life," wrote her Neil's husband Katie's blog on Facebook.

In July 2016, Katie had breastfeeding problems. Doctors diagnosed very aggressive triple-negative breast cancer and recommended their chemotherapy and mastectomy, which served as prevention for actress Angelina Jolie. The chances of a cure are good, said the doctors.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation instead of conventional medicine

Britton-Jordan studied and decided against conventional medicine. She has focused on alternative therapies such as magnets, Rife frequency therapy and hyperbaric oxygenation, in which medically pure oxygen is inhaled into a chamber under ambient pressure. increased.

"If I had chemotherapy, I would be almost bedridden," she said at the time. "I saw that friends had undergone chemotherapy and had been affected all their lives.This is terrible You are poisoning your body.I think the options are much more valuable than the poisoning yourself. "

Soon to be late for chemotherapy

She said "eat mainly raw fruits and vegetables". She feels really good, can still work and take care of her daughter. However, aggressive cancer has increased from level 2a to level 4 and has spread to the lymph nodes, throat, lungs, liver and bones. It was too late for chemotherapy.

Neil's husband closed the last Facebook message on Katie's side with these words: "Do not hesitate to leave comments, but be considerate and respectful, I know that some people may have their own opinions about what Katie would have or should not have done so, but in any case, it does not change his bravery and dignity in the last three years. "(Kes)