These sunscreens are vegan and humane

Sunscreens not only protect against sunburn, they also reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevent premature aging of the skin. In our selection, you will find in addition to the classic tanning sunscreens for the special needs of children or facial skin. After sunbathing, a high quality after-sun care is recommended.

All products presented are entirely vegan and humane. After all, the eight manufacturers assured us in writing that they were not experimenting with animals around the world or ordering them. Solar products are also not sold in countries where the law requires testing on animals. Make the most of your summer while ensuring that nothing happens between your skin and the animals.

Sunscreen and after-sun care: Vegan and animal-free sunscreen

1. Belico: solar lotion

© by Belico

Belico has several sun creams with different SPF in the program. In addition, a sunscreen sprayable with SPF 15 medium. Mineral oil, PEG and unscented sunscreen not only protect skin damage, but also provide the necessary care. Argan oil, jojoba and sea buckthorn protects the skin cells' DNA and promotes the repair process.

2. boep: sunscreen

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by boep

Boep's pure mineral sunscreen also protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, oxybenzone and nanoparticles are unsuccessful here. Instead, you get high quality natural cosmetics, with or without perfume.

3. Dr. Severin: Sunscreen children

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by Dr. med. Severin

Kids especially need a particularly effective and reliable sunscreen. The sunscreen for children of Dr. med. Severin has a 50+ SPF and challenges the water resistance in every water fight. The cream penetrates quickly into the skin and is adapted to the delicate skin of children.

4. Fair Squared: Sunscreen for the body and after-sun

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by Fair Squared

With the Sun Apricot Body Sun Lotion, an effective sunscreen responds to a rich care. The sun protection factor 30 protects the skin particularly bright, prone to sunburn. After sunbathing, After Sun Lotion Green Tea provides your sun-stressed skin with the moisture you need. Fairtrade green tea from India has a refreshing and refreshing effect on the skin.

5. i + m: sunscreen and sunscreen

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by i + m

Sun Protect Sun milk from i + m contains many high quality organic ingredients. The matching face cream contains lilac butterfly and therefore also protects against the light of the blue screen. Both sunscreen products are favorable to corals and do not moan – which means they are also recommended for darker skin types.

6. Beautiful day: After the sun

After the vegan-free sun

© by Lovely Day

Lovely Day's After-Sun Spray Mermaid is a miracle weapon against skin irritated by the sun. Soothing chamomile and aloe vera, green tea and coconut have a refreshing and moisturizing effect. You can use the product as a toner or body spray and even spray in the hair to revive it on hot days.

7. Alpine Organics: sunscreen and after-sun lotion

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by Pure Green

Anyone looking for a waterproof, fragrance-free sunscreen for adults and kids will find it at Alpine Organics. Ingredients such as ORGANIC sunflower oil and the precious bisabolol have a protective and nourishing effect. The brand's after-sun lotion restores the moisture storage of the skin.

8. SKIN: face with sunscreen

Vegan sun cream without sunscreen

© by SkinThings

SKINthings Face Cream reliably protects against the sun and reduces skin damage caused by UV rays. The active ingredient, vitamin E, has an antioxidant, firming and smoothing effect. Shea butter, natural silica and panthenol provide care, hydration and regeneration. Since the cream does not whiten, it is also recommended for darker skins.

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