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Join us! Stay in shape!

(Pm) Wednesday morning, all primary school students gathered in the cafeteria. Visibly enthusiastic and eager for this special school day, they listened attentively to the words of President Veronika Köpfle. She informed about the day's progress and expressed her delight at seeing such a varied offer on the subject "Get in! Stay in shape!" Could be implemented.

Thus, 13 workshops in total have been proposed. The children were already informed of the possibilities weeks ago and were enrolled according to their interests, so that they could start immediately after the reception.

For the good organization of the day, she thanked the social worker of the school, Stephanie Adrian, and the team "strong.stärker.wir", composed of teachers Kathrin Friedel, Kim Malsch, Sigrid Albrecht and Alexandra Laible. She especially thanked the extracurricular speakers who made this day possible.

According to the motto "Join! Stay in shape!" It was about prevention in several areas important to well-being and health: sports and exercise, nutrition and beverages, music, relaxation opportunities, skills training and finally, social interaction. Even the names of the workshops looked promising: Apfelflitzer, movement and music, bread break, gastronomic detectives, yoga, fantasy trip, mumbling song, drink test, caresses, "How do we treat each other?"

Many offers had been devised by school teachers. However, the support of foreign institutions has made the enormous diversity possible.

As always, sports mentors, mediators and Grade 10 students participated in the activities of elementary students in several classrooms, in the auditorium and in the gym.

Towards the end of the morning, there was a highlight. All students, teachers gathered in the auditorium. The "Mobile Children's Theater" Odenwald "played a new production of the famous fairy tale" Hansel and Gretel ".Two children of today, who really have everything, meet in the woods The witches arrive with their wit and cunning to free themselves from their temptations and return home with a real treasure.

A freshman summed up the morality in a short sentence: "Love in the family is worth more than the fulfillment of all wishes."

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