Prevent sunburn: our best advice

Prevent sunburn: Is it really important?

Oh, such a little sunburn disappeared quickly and half as wild? By the way! Every sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer. And even though skin cancer does not go away and skin cancer does not go away, sunburn can have unsightly consequences: Years of exposure to UV rays accelerate skin aging, causing wrinkles and age spots. Therefore, we should always prevent sunburn and pay attention to sun protection.

Sunscreen: How can I prevent sunburn?

If we want to protect ourselves from the sun, We should consider a lot before the trip to the pool or beach. These questions are better clarified in advance:

  • What type of skin am I (type I, II, III or IV)?
  • What sun protection factor do I need for sunscreen?

You can find both in the SPF article!

In general: The clearer the skin, the faster it burns – that is to say that with fair skin, you have to spend very little time without sun protection in the sun, if you want to avoid sunburn. The UV index is another factor. The higher the ultraviolet radiation, the more dangerous the ultraviolet radiation is and the sooner we will need to protect ourselves from it.

Tips to prevent sunburn

In addition to sunscreen with the good FPS The following tips also help prevent sunburn and keep the sun down:

  • Wear long, ventilated clothes
  • Do not give up a sun hat – preferably one that protects the sensitive neck.
  • Do you want to brown faster? This is also in the shade – and is simply healthier for clear skin types.
  • Avoid the midday sun better between 12h and 15h.
  • Drink enough – at least two liters of water a day, better three.
  • Refresh the sunscreen: at least every two hours, we should repaint the sunscreen after bathing as soon as you are dry.
  • To treat broken skin, it makes sense to change the sunbath and lie in the shade.
  • Take medication – some medications, such. On the other hand, diabetes can increase sensitivity to light.
  • Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays

Want to know more about the sunburn? So take a look at our articles on home remedies for sunburn, the duration of sunburns and the treatment of sunburn.

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