More fun toothbrushes with children's videos in sign language

The Austrian translation company Sign Time has produced children's videos in sign language for Colgate UK.

Colgate UK

The Austrian company Sign Time, which offers British Sign Language (BSL) translations for a variety of media, has developed a sign language video for Colgate UK (UK) dental product manufacturer.

The videos tell small stories in English and in sign language. They are designed so that children do not get bored by brushing their teeth and should therefore encourage them to pay attention to their dental care.

The stories last 2 minutes, as long as you have to brush your teeth. The videos feature animated 3D characters that tell the story in English in sign language.

Pirate, fairy and peasant

These are the three main characters of the so-called 2-minute stories in sign language.

The first story concerns the farmer Flora, she thinks about what she probably forgot this morning. When she wants to feed her animals, she realizes that someone ate the animals food. His handkerchief is gone too. Who is the culprit will be enlightened at the end of the story.

In the second story, little Cloé meets the Sparkle tooth fairy with her trembling teeth. Together, they travel to the country of the fairies of the teeth.

The third story concerns pirate captain Schwarzzahn. He has a lot of toothache and, miles away from the coast, there is of course no dentist. Since his two teammates must help.

The stories were written by British author Claire Freedman. As she says in an article on YouTube, she hopes her stories will help brush your teeth in 2 minutes of fun.

Compared to BIZEPS, Sign Time announced that the videos had been submitted to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a renowned advertising festival.