M1 clinics: "We want to develop M1 as the number one beauty brand in Europe" – Interview with Patrick Brenske

Breast augmentation, wrinkle treatments, firming eyelids, etc .: More and more Germans are interested in beauty. This benefits M1 Kliniken AG. Interview with Patrick Brenske, CEO of M1 Kliniken, at the Capital Markets Conference in Munich (mkk), 2019. Questions to Financial Trends Editor Sascha Huber.

Mr. Brenske, please introduce the M1.

Patrick Brenske: M1 is the market leader in plastic and aesthetic treatments in Germany. We currently operate 23 M1 Beauty Beauty Specialist centers for beauty treatments throughout Germany and Berlin M1 Schlossklinik for plastic and aesthetic surgery with six operating theaters and 35 beds. In addition, we launched our internationalization with our specialized center in Vienna at the end of 2018.

M1 was founded in 2012. You have become the market leader in a few years. What is your unique selling point?

Patrick Brenske: Specialization. This is the key to high quality and low cost. Centralized purchasing allows us to utilize state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and high quality products at low prices. Even our doctors are specialized in a few treatments and are therefore very experienced. For example, a surgeon performs four to five operations on M1 two days a week. So it comes to about 400 to 500 procedures a year. Enough to be a true specialist – still far from the work at the chain. The remaining days are available for counseling, follow-up treatment and continuing education. This success confirms our strategy: about 70% of our customers are not with us for the first time. At the same time, we are constantly adding new ones. This is only possible if the quality is good.

During this time, you are also active with the brands "M1 Laser" and "M1 Dental", what's behind it?

Patrick Brenske: With these brands, we have expanded our range of treatments with aesthetic treatments of skin and teeth. Both are very attractive markets because the external appearance of the skin and teeth is very important. In Germany, approximately 12 million laser cosmetic treatments are performed each year. The market volume of dental aesthetics is estimated at around 3.0 billion euros. We offer aesthetic laser treatments under the new brand "M1 Laser". Beginning with effective and skin-friendly hair removal. The offer should be expanded gradually to include the treatment and removal of tattoos, scars and other superficial discolorations of the skin, such as age spots. For extension, we can use existing M1 Med Beauty sites. This allows a fast and efficient market development and of course offers a direct cross selling potential. The services of "M1 Laser" are already available in ten M1 Med Beauty sites and will be offered successively in all other sites. We started the deployment of "M1 Dental" early in 2018-2019 and are now present in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. We offer bleaching treatments, ceramic veneers for straight and white teeth at all times, and transparent dental appliances – called aligners – for "discreet" dental correction. As in the laser sector, the range of services needs to be expanded gradually.

What are your overall objectives in the medium term?

Mr. Brenske: Our vision is to make M1 the # 1 beauty brand in Europe. As a result, growth – with a reasonable profit margin – is our top priority. In virtually all Western European countries, the prices of beauty treatments are too high and we can quickly reach an attractive market share with our successful model "the best medicine at a fair price". By the end of 2020, we want to double the number of specialized centers of "M1 Med Beauty" – our main business – and exploit about 50. About 30 of them in Germany, the rest in Germany. other European countries. Added to this are the described potentials of "M1 Laser" and "M1 Dental". In addition, we also increasingly want to distribute self-produced medical products. Under the "M1 Select" brand, we already offer a range of high quality products such as anti-aging serum, eyelash serum and lip balm. The sale is currently on our sites and our online store. During the current year, we want to significantly expand our product range. Additional distribution channels are also possible.

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