Kita children like to exercise


Inspiring children and parents through various offers for more exercise, relaxation and healthy eating – this is the goal of the "5 Pillar Project", currently implemented at the Catholic Nursery St. Marien in Hude. It is funded by the Handelskrankenkasse (Hkk) and should also include the Kitateam.

The prelude to this project at Saint-Marien now consisted of playful movement exercises. All the children – from kindergarten to nursery school – under the direction of Raimund Michels in the gym could let off steam and learn something at the same time. The sports teacher and pedagogue of the movement, among others, created the center for the children's movement of the sports club Bremen, 1860th

Sing and dance

In different groups, children sing and dance together. Michels brought some mischievous movement songs, that he sings. He plays his guitar. The concept here: Through the songs, children's motor, cognitive and social skills need to be promoted.

Kita children listen carefully to the movements teacher and transform the content of the songs into movements. He also uses small tools such as colorful towels. The little ones obviously like to move around the gym – sometimes like a frog, a crocodile or a bird. Sometimes they are very quiet, sometimes they roar like a lion. At the end of the movement unit, everyone receives a CD with the songs of the movement to dance at home.

"We want to further develop the concepts of health," said Kita's director Petra Ahrens, explaining the project's goal. Actions are therefore planned in different areas: relaxation techniques and stress management, mini-Olympics, healthy breakfast and good nutrition, conferences and speaker workshops or joint action with the elderly and children in cooperation with the Huder daycare. Also a cooperation with the Turnverein is conceivable, so Ahrens. Through this diversity, all participants must be motivated and have fun.

Collection of ideas created

According to the project plan, the "5-pillar model" can address the growing lack of physical activity and malnutrition among children. Because, thanks to sports activities, children have not only collected physical, but also social and psychological knowledge, from which they have benefited all their life.

But parents and educators must also be included – offers range from walking to qigong. "Everyone should be able to do something for themselves," says Ahrens. The kitat team has already created a collection of ideas for possible actions so that everyone can benefit from the "5-pillar project".