Iris Abel underwent cosmetic surgery

First, Bauer Uwe Abel has made new teeth. At present, his wife Iris uses a gastric ring. She wants to look like 20 years ago.

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From the television show "Summer House of the Stars", they came out victorious. Already in the program, it was clear that something had to change radically for both. Farmer Uwe Abel complains about his dental phobia and his Iris love of their weight problems. Already at that time, she had said, "The subject of weight loss has always been a concern to me." But Uwe was not a fan of the operation since the beginning: "Three percent will not survive this operation, so why expose yourself to this risk?"

After Uwe removed 15 teeth and a complete prosthesis in November, Iris also decided to satisfy his desire: finally, to have the same look as at the beginning of 30 years. Gaul collapses under me because I'm sitting on it like a still Michelin. "Now their goal is:" 50 kilos should be gone. "

"See you soon darling, I love you"

At the same time of Uwe's dental surgery, Iris learned the insertion of a gastric band and spoke to a nutrition counselor. Now the big day has arrived. "See you later, sweetheart, I love you," Iris told her husband shortly before she was pushed into the operating room. The 51 year old woman feels tired after the procedure and suffers a little. Even though Uwe was against the operation, he accompanies his wife to the clinic and stands bravely by his side.

In 2011, Uwe found his choice of Iris in the dome of RTL. Two years later, they gave the yes. The coronation of 2018: Iris and Uwe win "The summer house of the stars" and are now "The couple of stars of the year".