How to deal with a medical crisis?

Restless nights in the hospital, wicker braids and awakening, how important love, family and nurses are. A link to her mother's husband (rather than stepdad & # 39; s) tells of a death brush when she recently visited the LA ear biscuit episode. Warning: Blood and certain medical procedures will be mentioned that may cause shame.

EB # 194, Original Release Date: 2016

Listen to this iTunes episode:

2:23 – Father, sermons and secret families
5:58 – Link Mom and Louis visit
10:35 – Christy saw the hospital leaving
15:50 – Good news for lunch in Japanese steakhouse
21:04 – "Link" blooms thanks to the nurses
26:23 – How did Link reject blood-related fears?
37:37 – Louis finally stabilized
41:00 – Rhett and Jessie visit the hospital, but Rhett loses
46:14 – Link appreciates the level of selfishness
57:18 – finally "good, good, good"
01:02:30 – Louis returned to his routine in North Carolina
01:04:48 – Record Effects: Science Vs Podcasts

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