For a radiant and youthful appearance

🖊️ Nicola Collas 📷 Jürgen Eckert

Nicola Kahl operates a Beauty-Line beauty salon in Meschede since 2003 and has successfully specialized in anti-aging facials.

"With me comes u.a. microdermabrasion is used," explains Nicola Kahl. "You have to imagine this as a sandblaster.When treated, very fine crystals are applied to the face at high pressure.The upper stratum corneum of the skin is removed, which is basically an intense exfoliation.So, the gray veil is removed from the skin and is receptive to active ingredients, which are introduced with ultrasound deep into the skin.It regenerates faster and looks cooler and smoother, "says the beautician in describing this anti-aging method.

In addition, Nicola Kahl has been offering Multi-Needling Pro treatment as an innovation since 2017. When needle punching, the thin layers are "stamped" into the skin with the handpiece. "It creates small micro-lesions in the upper layer of the skin and the skin is stimulated to regenerate more quickly, creating new collagen fibers that make the skin look better." Hyaluron is then penetrated deep into the skin with This procedure also gives excellent results, "enthuses Nicola Kahl, who benefits from her previous medical training. "This amazing experience is always enjoyable when clients look in the mirror after treatment and look forward to the coolness of their appearance," said the 54-year-old.
Before each treatment, Nicola Kahl examines the skin with precision. For first-time customers, a medical history is created and a card is created (drugs, intolerances, allergies and much more).
With Nicola Kahl, there is a complete program of wellbeing. Many clients keep telling her that the treatment is perceived as a short break. "My creed is this: I treat everyone as I would like to be treated myself." For an optimal appearance of the skin, she deals individually with each client.

Nicola Kahl recommends regular treatment in combination with appropriate home care. To choose the care products to be used for treatment, it draws on the many years of experience of its partner, Jean d'Arcel, one of the leading brands in the field of cosmetics. "I love these products and I know how well they work."
Jean D'Arccel has a complete range. In addition to high-tech cosmetic products, there is a line of medical products that ensures rapid regeneration of skin problems and a line of vegan products. A comprehensive program of body care and decorative cosmetics are also available. There is no desire to feel better from head to toe.
Nicola Kahl has many clients who have remained loyal to her since she was founded 16 years ago. What better than a bright and happy clientele, who is already looking forward to the next appointment after a relaxing cosmetic treatment and at the same time that improves the skin. They all feel that Nicola Kahl loves the treatments and does not think she works. That's why they like to come back.