Driving a car in old age: these tips bring more security

06.06.2019 – 11:22

Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V.

Düsseldorf (ots)

The Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V. (AFI), a non-profit organization, is committed to the road safety of older people. To do this, the AFI publishes a free brochure entitled "Safe Car Driving in Old Age", which can be ordered by calling +49 (0) 211 – 86 20 66 0 or via the website www.alzheimer-forschung. of / sicher fahren-self.

In particular, older people should pay attention to possible problems while driving. Although most of them have a lot of driving experience, aging can also present some challenges.

Hearing and vision problems as well as movement restrictions can be dangerous. "Older drivers should think with their family and friends about possible driving problems and develop appropriate strategies," AFI recommends in their brochure. The following tips can help:

            - Drive mainly on roads you know.
- Limit your trips to easy goals for you
- Drive rather short distances.
- Take routes where you like dangerous points
Motorway exits and roads to the left can be avoided.
- Do not drive at night or in bad weather.
- Avoid rush hours.
- Consider a car with extra safety equipment
to the purchase.
- Take a single driving course or driving training for
To refresh your knowledge. 

On the other hand, people with Alzheimer's disease should no longer drive by car because, in addition to the problems of orientation, the impairment of judgment, the appreciation of the distance and speed, concentration and attention, psychomotricity, information processing, filtering of stimuli and understanding of abstract symbols comes.

"Driving a car safely in old age" and additional information can be ordered free of charge from the Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V., Kreuzstr. 34, 40210 Düsseldorf; Telephone number 0211 – 86 20 66 0; Website: www.alzheimer-forschung.de/sicher-auto-fahren.

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About the Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V.

The Alzheimer Research Initiative eV (AFI) is a non-profit association that carries the donation certificate of the German Council for Donations eV Since 1995, AFI has used donated funds to finance research projects carried out by researchers engaged in research on Alzheimer's disease and provides free information material to the public. To date, AFI has been able to fund 266 research activities worth more than 10.2 million euros and distribute approximately 825,000 advisers and brochures. Interested and interested parties can find out about Alzheimer's disease at www.alzheimer-forschung.de and ask for educational material. Similarly, on the website, information about the work of the association and all possibilities of donations. The AFI Ambassador is the journalist and sports presenter Okka Gundel.

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