Did you know that allergy sufferers have a 30% higher accident risk?

Med-Aesthet, Frankfurt am Main

Sudden sneezing, runny nose while driving, itchy eyes can trigger current pollen. Affected for example Hay fever (pollinosis) is usually laden for years, severely limited in daily life and spends a lot of time in the spring and summer in the rooms. The efforts of pollen flying in the wind or using insects trigger the allergy symptoms that occur in very sensitive allergic people.

Patients suffer from the above symptoms and try i.d.r. At the beginning of each home remedy or products offered often unsuccessfully, before they come to us in practice reports, the dermatologist Dr. med. med. Arna Shab of Med Aesthet, Frankfurt am Main. It takes several years of experience to be able to make the correct diagnosis for cutaneous reactions based on the history, the clinical picture and, if necessary, targeted laboratory examinations as soon as possible.

First, a detailed discussion with the patient will take place in the office, Dr. Shab, as a complete diagnosis of allergies – apart from possible medications – is an essential part of the treatment. Patients often report symptoms of gardening or driving with the windows open. The first thing to do is avoid the garden or drive with the windows closed. As much as the risk of accident has increased dramatically due to the effects of allergic reactions. According to a study by the ECARF Foundation (European Foundation for Allergy Research), about 25 million people suffer from allergies, 1 million children and 12 million hay fever; seven percent even file their complaint. After diagnosis, specific immunotherapy (hypersensitization) is recommended and useful.

Basically, a distinction is made between "immediate type and delayed type" by a reaction of the immune system / human defense. Shab. The immediate allergenic type (humoral immune system) reacts quickly after a few minutes or even seconds (for example, hives, hay fever, asthma), while lymphocyte reactions (cellular immune system) may occur after hours, or even up to 39 to 72 hours. The exact source of allergies remains unclear. but some may even be inherited. Possible hypersensitivity to plants (intolerance) Pollens, mites and dust mites, wasps and bees venoms, chemicals in the environment (such as contact allergy to nickel), foods or pharmaceuticals can be clarified and toned down by means of skin tests or labs Specific hyposensitization (eg in pollen or insect venom) can completely remove the disease. allergy after a long time. Initially, only a small pikser is required for an allergy test. Often, the skin of those affected reacts immediately.

In case of hyposensitization, the patient receives the allergen corresponding to an increasing dose for several weeks to three years to allow the body to get used to it. This can be done by injection or orally with medication, the mouth being much more enjoyable for children.

Basically, there is nobody for all actions, each patient is treated on his individual health. Nowadays, the possibilities of alleviating or reducing allergies are much higher than a few years ago.

At Med Aesthet, each of the specialists has over 20 years of successful clinical and academic careers and is a highly experienced team.

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