Delmenhorster TV honors instructor

Delmenhorst. Eight television instructors from Delmenhorster received the "Pluspunkt Gesundheit" quality label. Nevertheless, digital television has a list of waiting for health sports.

During a celebration in the clubhouse Delmenhorster TV, during which the instructors received the quality label "Pluspunkt Gesundheit", Holger Fischer sounded the alarm. "I wish that in Delmenhorst, more clubs offer health sports," said the chairman of the gymnastics club Delmenhorst. "DTV has a waiting list."

The following digital TV channels were honored for their work: Elke Riesmeier (Children's Rehabilitation), Iryna Myanovska, Miriam Hein, Stefanie Göretzlehner, Nadine Gebel (all sports disciplines affecting spinal diseases and heart groups), Anika Thiel (responsible for diseases of the spine), Corinna Schade and Frank pepper pepper (each sport in the heart groups).

More offers in Delmenhorst required

Marianne Meyer, specialist of health-related sports at Delmenhorster Turnkreis, stressed that additional offers in Delmenhorst are urgently needed. "It is increasingly difficult to find qualified instructors." Like Fischer, who also runs the Stadtsportbund (SSB) Delmenhorst and spoke of the great commitment of the winners, Marianne Meyer congratulated the broadcasters: "Without you, it really works." Karl-Heinz Meyer, Vice President of the Great Association, pointed out that digital television is in the training and prevention phase. "We are proud of you," he said to the laureates.

The "Health Plus" prize is awarded by the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) to clubs that offer specific health sports offers meeting defined quality criteria. "Health Plus" helps clubs communicate to the outside world that they have high quality sports for health. The quality label can be applied and exposed for both prevention and rehabilitation offers.