Decrease with acupuncture: what is it?

Take off with acupuncture – this sounds tempting and easy. But can some pin bites really help you lose weight? We will clarify you.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment for about 3000 years. By pinching thin needles into the skin at selected parts of the body, some complaints can be healed. Behind this, there is the idea that we, human beings, are traversed by the so-called vital energy ("Qi") on certain tracks. According to TCM, illness and pain are due to disruption of the vital energy flow. At this point, acupuncture comes into play: once inserted in the right place, the needles should help clear the obstructions, so that vital energy can flow undisturbed.

Acupuncture has been prevalent in Europe since the second half of the 20th century and is often used successfully to treat certain types of chronic pain. But acupuncture has much more positive effects: among other things, acupuncture should also help lose weight.

Decrease with acupuncture: how should it work?

Auricular acupuncture should help you lose weight. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / WaltiGoehner)

Around 1950, a French doctor developed what is called auricular acupuncture. He evoked the idea of ​​Chinese medicine according to which certain points of the ear represent certain organs or functions of the body. It is therefore appropriate to give, inter alia, the points which are responsible, the appetite and regulate feelings of hunger. By pricking the needles at these places, one should be able to lose weight through acupuncture.

A German and Korean study each covering about 90 subjects suggests that acupuncture contributes to weight loss:

  • In the 2000 German study, the subjects were divided into three groups: People in the first and second groups received six weeks of acupuncture treatment at the ear, the second group also participating in a sports program. The third group, on the other hand, received only a "placebo acupuncture": the needles were pierced in places without particular properties. At the end of six weeks, the first group lost an average of three kilograms and those in the second group five. In the placebo group, however, the participants had taken half a kilo.
  • In the Korean study of 2014, there were also three groups: in the first group, different points of acupuncture affect appetite, hormonal balance and psyche. In the second group, acupuncture was practiced only at what is known as the "hunger point". While participants in these two groups kept the needles for eight weeks, they were removed from the third group immediately after grooving. All participants had to comply with strict food regulations, but there was no special sports program. In the end, the first group had lost 6.1% of their weight and the second group 5.7%. In the third group, individuals did not decrease on average.

Another 2015 study covers these results.

Does acupuncture really help you lose weight?

We still do not know how acupuncture points should work.
We still do not know how acupuncture points should work. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / acupuncturebox)

The two studies above seem to show that acupuncture helps to lose weight. A fundamental problem, however, is that you still can not explain what biochemical mechanisms are behind itIn fact, it seems possible that the ear points are directly connected to the brain via the nerve pathways or that messenger substances are released there. Another idea is that acupuncture helps reduce stress and thus tells the body that it can rest and digest the food being absorbed.

Overall, a review that analyzed 27 studies in more than 1,000 patients, however, found that acupuncture with weight loss is less effective than a pure placebo effect. The two studies mentioned above can in no way invalidate this statement, especially since the number of participants was relatively low. However, the journal also notes that Acupuncture can help you lose weight while changing your lifestyleA similar conclusion was made in a German study that was performed on patients who had increased because of psychotropic drugs.

Decrease with acupuncture: a good idea?

A balanced diet helps you lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way.
A balanced diet helps you lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

Overall, there is evidence, but no certain knowledge can be lost with the help of acupuncture. However, the results of the study also show that you should not use acupuncture as an exclusive remedy for losing weight: lose weight healthily You can only if you balanced nutrition and enough Play sportsIn addition, ask yourself if you really want to lose weight because it allows you to feel better in your body. Or are you trying to unconsciously adapt a beauty ideal?

Important: If you want to lose weight with acupuncture, have it done by a specialist. A clean acupuncture is considered safe, but dirty needles can cause dangerous inflammation.

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