You can eat so much fruit if you want to lose weight

Freshly squeezed fruit juices, dried fruits and smoothies are considered healthy. They are made from fruits containing many vitamins. It's at least a common nutritional myth.

But is it really true? And can you lose weight with fruits? That's exactly what a new book, which appeared at the end of May and will update our knowledge in nutrition, is now busy.

Slimming: the fruit as a pledge of a slender figure?

"An apple makes you healthy, three apples make a foie gras" – that's the name of Dr. med's counselor. med. Carsten Lekutat. The general practitioner became the moderator of the television show "The main thing in good health". In his new book, he explains how foods and various nutrients in the body work.


An apple makes you healthy, three apples make a foie gras


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The question of how much fruit we should eat every day, it goes to the bottom.

Diet: fructose myth

For starters, fruits naturally contain fructose, which is metabolized by the liver and does not cause secretion of insulin in the body.

This is why doctors have even advised diabetics to favor fructose (as opposed to refined sugar, which means glucose) in their diet for a long time. With the healthy sweetness of fruits, just about every two products advertised in supermarkets.

No help to lose weight: that's why fructose makes you sick

But now you know: already 50 grams of fruit sugar a day can be dangerous for the human body, they can lead to fatty liver. It is there that fructose is metabolized. As soon as we do not burn it immediately, it will be stored in the liver and placed in the belly fat.

Diet: so many fruits are healthy

But how many fruits are healthy? How much can we eat without getting fat? Dr. explains. Carsten Lekutat: "An apple contains about 10 grams of fructose, if we had to eat five apples a day, the 50 grams of fructose, which was already a risk to the liver, would have been easily achieved."

Few of us eat five apples a day, but: Five apples are already stuck in half a liter of apple juice, so the limit has already been reached without us having eaten anything else .

"Most people grow up with fast food – not with fruits"

Also Dr. Carsten Lekutat said: "As a doctor, everything goes against this truth, because I have more to do with human diseases, due to a diet too unhealthy.

Even the fitness queen, Kayla Itsines, recommends berries for breakfast – plus plenty of exercise

The main risk factors in our western diet are not increased consumption of fruit, but rather an excess of fast food, low quality fat and added sugars. "

Conclusion: so many fruits that you can eat

His conclusion is: "There is still a sad truth: too much fruit is not good for us at least as long as we do not consume sugar quickly through physical activity.

And that's where the key to our health lies! There is nothing to say about a jam sandwich or banana cereal in the morning when you go to work by bike. But if you sit down in the office right away, you're more likely to damage your body. "

These fruits are suitable for losing weight

In particular, fructose is not only found in dried fruits and fruit juices, but also in apples, pears, cherries and grapes.

As a rule of thumb: if you do not move much, you should only eat these fruits in small amounts once a day, do not usually eat dried fruits and prefer to use them as soft fruits like raspberries and blueberries or apricots. What types of fruit are low in sugar, read here …

Also, you should rather eat fruit in the morning than in the evening, because we will burn more sugar.