Traditional European medicine: Curhaus Bad Kreuzen is a hub of knowledge between Europe and the United States

BAD CROSS. We are proud to have been chosen by the famous American University Creighton, Nebraska, as the European center for health information, "he said. Friedrich Kaindlstorfer, Managing Director of Curhaus Bad Kreuzen. For the third time, 28 American students and their teachers from Curhaus Bad Kreuzen, the 1st European Traditional Medicine Center (TEM), studied traditional understanding of health in Europe. The goal was to learn more about traditional European medicine.

The medical director of Bad Kreuzens, Michaela Lehmann, A physician of TEM, played a determining role in the transfer of knowledge. Students and faculty were excited about the various treatments, wraps, massages, teas, Wyda as well as other Kneipp health offers presented in practice by therapists Thomas Kanitz, Sabine Gruber and Tamara Aistleitner.

Michaela Lehmann: "The Diploma Program" Definitions of Health – Consequences for Care "deals with various health problems, their impact and their importance to the health care system during their stay in Europe. We are conducting intensive research in Bad Kreuzen on the ancient naturopathic treatments, some of which have been used in Europe for centuries to maintain or restore health.Hippocrates, Claudius Galenus, Paracelsus, Hildegard von Bingen or Sebastian Kneipp show all the differences for us, Modern men have very important commonalities: they see the body, the spirit and the soul as a unity, but when they are compatible with each other, we feel good. "

Dr. Alexander Roedlach: "The students were particularly impressed by the holistic approach to health in Bad Kreuzen.The students do not know it in America." Holistic medicine includes not only the vision of the body's unity, of the mind and soul, but also considers the individual in relation to his environment.