Scientific Congress "Age plus 3": thinking and implementing prevention, rehabilitation and care as a whole

Stuttgart – "We can show that there are fundamental regional differences in the proportion of geriatric patients In order to address a possible under-supply, regionally differentiated care offers are targeted" Christopher Hermann, CEO of AOK Baden-Württemberg together. The scientific congress "Formel Zukunft – Alter plus 3" of Tuesday (04.06.2019) is dedicated to the aging of society. "Especially in a long-life society, we need to get out of box logic in the sectors, we need networked care concepts and the courage to take new paths," says Hermann. "Health care is delivered locally, and with our partners we continue to evolve existing structures on a systematic, evidence-based basis, which does not work with the centralizing directives of Berlin."

Prof. Andreas Kruse, a psychologist and gerontologist at the Heidelberg Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg, thinks regionally, networked and patient-centered: "The individual must be prepared for aging and aging. This applies to all areas of life, from health to social networks, to financial planning and life. "At the Stuttgart Congress, Kruse presented a" synthesis paper on aging ", which sees psycho-spiritual development as a continuous process, and Kruse relies on a qualitative survey of AOK Baden-Württemberg on the aspects of care for the elderly In a mixed methods approach, the AOK Baden-Württemberg combines the qualitative statements of the gerontologist Kruse with the results of a quantitative survey carried out by The majority of respondents expect their health and long-term care funds to tailor certain offers to the needs of older people, such as counseling for everyday problems (72%). ), specialist appointments or care services (69%) and health courses (70%).) For Hermann, CEO of AOK, these figures confirm his approach: "We do not We can no longer allow ourselves to think separately about the three areas of central care and the offerings of prevention, rehabilitation and care and we need well-founded offers that lead to good care for the future, the future. scientifically based development. That is why AOK Baden-Württemberg has been investing for years in innovative research and in tailor-made modern offers, tailored to each region and region, to the insured. "

The Minister of Social Affairs and Integration of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Manne Lucha, also stressed the need to go beyond the sectors, especially for the elderly: "In my opinion, the essential is that we need a much more patient-centered thinking – and we need even more to use the knowledge and skills of all actors.By AOK Baden-Württemberg, our country is also a pioneer in nationwide, "continued the minister. Already in the country's 2014 geriatric concept, which had co-developed AOK Baden-Württemberg, among other things, it was based on community ambulatory care structures based on consistently designed care structures designed to hospitalized patients. "Preventive medicine, as well as acute care, nursing, rehabilitative care and palliative care, must be involved in the care of geriatric patients in our country."

"The long-life society has long been a reality," summarizes Hermann, president of the AOK, at the Stuttgart Age Congress. "We are in a process of transformation to transform society as a whole – from the labor market to the pension system, everywhere appropriate solutions are needed, and in the health and care sector, nobody knows it better than the local actors in charge. . "