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04.06.2019 – 17:20


Obernkirchen (ots)

Around 200 guests recently visited the premises of the Landessportbundes Niedersachsen in Hanover. The second congress "Longer Better Living" is held at the local Sports Academy. Central topic: Motivation for health-oriented behavioral changes.

Friedrich Schütte, member of the board of directors of BKK24, and Gerd Glaeske, director of the organization "Länger better leben", organizer – have collaborated with the University of Bremen and the association d & # 39; Health insurance BKK24. They formulated two crucial questions at the beginning of the conference: "How do people manage to live healthy lives?" motivate and how to turn good intentions into everyday practices? "

In view of this and other aspects of "motivation for prevention", the speakers then illuminated the topic from different angles. So PD Dr. Thomas Ellrott indicates a change in behavior in the diet. His request: When talking about healthy foods, avoid names that sound too healthy. The old "middle class orientation" of health promotion was Petra Kolip picked up. Participation as a motivation requirement is particularly important. Teacher. Dr. Sonia Lippke presented her research on motivation for movement and "tamed the inner bastard": proper planning and self-regulation would lead to lasting motivating success. Teacher. Dr. Toni Faltermaier advocated needs-based prevention without stigmatizing people at risk. Individual life situations must be included and motivated for health action. A more pleasant movement instead of torments and distant goals, asked Professor dr. Ingo Froböse: Maintaining fitness and agility are the means of health. Teacher. Dr. Nicola Döring highlighted the opportunities and risks of digital communication in health and called for the use of social media. The possibilities of prevention in reeducation were determined by the Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Jürgen Bengel explains. Lifestyle changes could be triggered by re-education also in sick people.

The conclusion of the Congress of Schütte and Glaeske: "So there is a motivation for prevention, but a raised finger and a self mortification would not be the right way, because they would not have done very well." The desire for a healthy lifestyle should be in relationships, in the prevention and promotion of health can be implemented individually by all layers of the population, it also works with motivation. "

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