Due to the approval of pesticides: BUND sued the federal authority

The plant and animal world in Germany is threatened. Plant protection products play a major role in this respect. Due to the approval of a pesticide, a federal office of the Ministry of Agriculture is now being sued.

Berlin – Due to the approval of pesticides, the BUND environmental association has sued a federal authority. As announced by the German Federal Government for the environment and nature protection in Germany, the lawsuit is directed against the competent administrative court of Braunschweig against the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).

The Federal Office, which is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, had approved in February 18 limited pesticides until the end of 2019. Of these, one contains glyphosate, a controversial drug.

The federal government on pesticides "completely unable to act"?

According to BUND, approved agents include Alfatac 10 EC Insecticide with the active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, classified as bee and harmful to beneficial insect populations, such as beetles and wild bees . At the beginning of April, BUND had asked the authorities to withdraw its authorization for the insecticide. This has not been done by the BVL. Therefore, the claim against admission is now made, upon express request. "At the beginning of May, the World Biodiversity Council report showed how endangered our flora and fauna are," said Hubert Weiger, president of BUND. "In this context, we consider that it is more than irresponsible to admit a harmful pesticide to bees." The approval granted is illegal. The Federal Environmental Agency has not given the required agreement.

A spokesman for Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) said: "It is well known that we consider this license illegal". Harald Ebner, an expert in green agriculture, said the federal government was totally unable to act on pesticides. "One authority cheats the other, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment are throwing their feet before the law and insects are dying." The BUND trial could finally bring clarity.

In Bavaria, citizens were on fire for the rescue of bees. Now, the referendum decision makers want more: namely "governed by the professional aspiration of agribusiness", an EU law policy. But there is a problem, as reported by Good medical *.


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