A farmer looking for star Iris Abel connects for a stomach operation

"A farmer looking for a woman" Star, Iris Abel, aged 51, has only one goal: to lose 50 pounds. The winner of the "House of Stars" has recently taken the first step in having surgery: she was reduced in size. Now, wife of cult cultivator Uwe, 49, expresses herself and reveals how she is doing after the narrowing of the stomach.

Iris Abel draws new strength after the OP

After the severe surgery, in which Iris Abel had a gastric band inserted, she was really tired but had little pain. Over 51 years, the 51-year-old had already reported at the end of May and wrote: "I have survived all that is great and I am very good." Now, Iris Abel has posted a snapshot of the hospital. We can see the couple "Bauer sucht Frau" and a cameraman. Not only does she thank her medical team for this image, but she also reveals that she is doing well.

Back to the past

The hashtag "I Feel Good" tells the woman of 51 years: she does not regret the medical intervention. Let's see when her fans will find her in her old form. The television favorite is motivated by Instagram and proudly presents her subscribers with images of youth. She wrote: "At the end of the year, we compare then and now, cross your fingers."

"Bauer sucht Frau" Candidates become lovers

Iris Abel became famous for her participation in the seventh season of the RTL series "Bauer sucht Frau". There, her current husband, Uwe, was looking for his sweetheart. In 2013, just two years after attending the Inka Bause show, the cult couple got married. The fact that they not only managed the initial long-distance relationship, which covered more than 800 kilometers, but met all the challenges together, was proven in the show "The House of Stars – The Battle of Star Couples" in 2018. There, they got the title. and won 50,000 euros.

Farmer seeks international woman

These are the candidates

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