Better implement ergonomics at the workplace

To better implement ergonomics at the workplace, the Institute of Health and Ergonomics trains ergonomics coaches. Workstation Systems Manufacturer Krieg has now trained some of its employees as coaches.

The inability to work is a personal setback for many people. And businesses have also hit hard in case of failure. In order not to let things go so far, prevention is important: designing ergonomic work environments, healthy and motivated employees and individual health zones in the workplace.

It is the responsibility of the Institute of Health and Ergonomics (IGR), headquartered in Nuremberg. In order to better support the theme of healthy work in companies and public authorities, the institute trains consultants in "ergonomics coach". Coaches give advice on the appearance of optimal work systems in the areas of production, assembly and logistics and what employees can do to maintain their health in the workplace for a long period.

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of the legitimacy of human work. The term is composed of the Greek words "ergon" (work, work) and "nomos" (law, rule). The central objective of ergonomics is the creation of conditions of execution adapted to the work of the man. The use of technical equipment and tools is also taken into account. In addition to the human design of the workspace and system, the improvement of the interface between the user (human) and the object (machine) has special meaning.

Ergonomic solutions

The particular value of the IGR certificate lies in its neutrality and independence. The IGR currently forms two focal points: first, the ergonomics of the relationship, ie the optimal setting of an office or workstation; on the other hand, behavioral ergonomics, ie the counseling and support of employees to healthy behavior.

What are the optimal work systems in the areas of production, assembly and logistics and what can employees do to maintain their health in the workplace in the long term?
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To bend, stand up, carry, hold, shoot, stand up: the application and evaluation of different techniques are as much a part of continuing education as answers to the challenges of open rooms and the knowledge of the sitting position as a starting point for ergonomics. Work tables adjustable in height, ideal gripping areas, several levels of shelves, all of which contribute to the best ergonomic solutions. But the purely physical movement in the workplace plays an important role, but also factors such as noise, air and light. For people to feel at home in their workplace and to be happy and effective, the social context is just as relevant.

Specialists advise on ergonomics

Krieg Workflex manufactures ergonomic furniture for the workplace and has now trained some of its employees to become certified ergonomics coaches. Workplace specialists can analyze and develop existing and planned workstations in companies according to ergonomic criteria, and develop, develop and use them. They assist in the implementation of residual ergonomic components in the business and convey the practical application of ergonomic know-how to the staff. Ergonomic design requirements and customer requirements are taken into account early in the development process – or even in the inventory.

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Ergonomic workstation

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