She smiled radiantly – now the Tooth Fairy gives her wings – Aarau – Aargau

Who can not remember her? The woman's toothbrush who came to school regularly. Maybe the person did not remember so clearly. But for this terrible fluoride gel, with which it was necessary to brush the teeth in association with class nausea. Silvia Studer worked for eleven years in schools in Biberstein, Küttigen, Rombach, Schönenwerd and Eiken as a dental instructor. Now she gives the toothbrush. Not because she would not like it anymore.

The qualified dental hygienist happily recounts his daily dentist life. By the way, this designation is perfect, she says. She also knows less friendly names such as "Schlee-Chueh" or "Schlee-Häx", but she has never been confronted with them. For the warm 41-year-old, the name "Zahnfee" is also better. Once, a little girl asked her – the cleaning class of teeth already starts in the small children's garden – where she had hidden her wings.

Silvia Studer is a mother of two and has worked as a postman or at Securitas. Since this season, she is the new Badmeisterin in Schinznach-Bad. Even if she was traveling like a tooth fairy, it relieves her of not having to coordinate four to six assignments per class and per year in five different schools.

You must be robust

The infamous fluoride gel could not take Silvia Studer children. "It's very important for the construction of teeth," says Studer. The gel heals the enamel. Ideally, children should brush their teeth once a week, but even the dentist's visits to school have a positive effect.

Studer understands that brushing your teeth in the classroom is a special situation. "You must be hardened," she says with a laugh and also thinks of herself. "The classroom is an unusual place to brush your teeth, then some strong forceps in someone's goblet …" But in his eleven years, no one was ever to throw up, even though she had thought of it several times. ,

Concerned about energy drinks

For the youngest, Studer has to start from scratch. "At first, brushing your teeth is a challenge, especially inside the teeth." When brushing, research also presents new perspectives. While previous generations have orally cleaned the outer surface of the molars, today, it is again up and down. In addition to motor skills, Silvia Studer also teaches a lot of theory.

From education to nutrition, she teaches her students to take care of their teeth and to protect them. She is observing the trend of energy drinks with a lot of concern. "The acid is very bad for the teeth." It softens the enamel. Anyone who brushes their teeth after an energy drink virtually erases them. And as the drinks are drunk from the can and sucked by the teeth, the teeth are particularly damaged.

"I will miss the kids," Silvia Studer says. She is looking forward to working with children as a swimming teacher in the future. The work of a woman with a toothbrush has brought him a lot. When she has to stand in front of a class and lead it partly alone, she might well use it in new work. Silvia Studer was an expensive toothbrush and the children would have been happy to see her. "Building pressure is useless," she says.

She tried in a relaxed way. If a child did not want to go early, he would have joined next time. In his case, the flavors of the fluorine gels were also mixed. Strawberry, raspberry, peppermint and Elmex gel, culmination of bad taste, sold them to children as an apple.